Here on the PokerStars Blog, we don’t party. No, no. We’re too busy reporting every limped pot, long tank, every cooler and all-in to make sure that you – the poker enthusiast – know about it before anyone else.

But sometimes, just sometimes, we reluctantly step away from the action. With a few minutes to spare and noise reverberating through the walls here in the Poker room in Rozvadov, we wrangled our way into the infamous PokerStars Players’ Party.

As we followed the sound through the King’s Casino into the party room, we were greeted to this…

Mr. Jaime Staples, dancing on a crane with whom we can only assume were two adoring fans.

How long had he been up there? Hours for all we knew.

But why?

PokerStars Tour Manager David Curtis might have had something to do with it. “I was talking to Jaime when he noticed the silver PokerStars pin I was wearing. It’s something Event Management staff and dealers are given to help us identify each other at events.”

“I convinced Jaime it was something I’d been awarded for outstanding services to PokerStars – but I’d give it to him if he got up and danced on the crane.”

Despite Jaime’s initial refusal, after several hours and many an apple juice later, Jaime agreed to get up and bust some moves for the ‘precious’ pin.

“Now Jaime’s walking around wearing a PokerStars dealers pin. Oh, and he also thinks it’s made of pure silver…”

And why the crane?

Well, last night’s party was held in the new room next to the Poker Room here at King’s casino that is currently being built. The impressive looking room played host to the party last night, which was appropriately named the ‘Construction Party’.

Here are a few snaps from the jaunt.

PSF Rozvadov Main Event 1B party room Tomas Stacha-3301.jpg

PSF Rozvadov players party Tomas Stacha-0509.jpg

PSF Rozvadov players party Tomas Stacha-0540.jpg

PSF Rozvadov players party Tomas Stacha-0581.jpg

PSF Rozvadov players party Tomas Stacha-0674.jpg


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