PokerStars Festival Korea: Red Spades fall as Lin and Lew eliminated

July 23, 2017

Team PokerStars members Celina Lin and Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew had high hopes of a deep run when they returned today but unfortunately for the Red Spades they’ve already both been eliminated shy of a payday.

Lew was first to go after clashing with Day 1A end-of-day chip leader Dmitrii Kovalevskii. It was Kovalevskii who opened the action from middle position before Lew played back at him for 12,000 on the button. Kovalevskii four-bet shoved to cover Lew who called off to put his tournament life at risk.

Lew: J♠J♣
Kovalevskii: K♠K♥

Lew quickly found out he was in rough shape and chasing a lot of help to keep him in the hunt. Unfortunately for Lew the cards would fall 9♦4♦3♥6♦Q♣ which failed to save him.

PSF Korea Randy Lew Day 2.jpg

Randy Lew

Lin lasted a little longer and should’ve had a lot more chips but a sick chop stopped her from a deserved double up. She was tangled in a preflop raising war with Ivan Leow and after Lin four-bet to 28,800, Leow put in another raise to 50,000. Lin came over the top with a six-bet jam for 40,500 more and, after a couple of minutes in the tank, Leow decided to commit the chips.

Lin: A♠A♣
Leow: A♥J♦

Lin was a huge favourite but by the turn on the J♠Q♣10♣K♣ board they both had the same hand – a Broadway straight. Lin still had a chance to scoop the pot with a redraw to the nut flush but the 9♥ river meant they would chop the pot.

Lin was staying positive but things didn’t seem to improve from there. She was subsequently followed by a string of bad luck and, down to just 3,600 in chips, Lin put them into the middle before tablemate Hirai Junko isolated to 9,000. The rest of the table folded and Lin saw once again she was ahead when the cards went on their backs.

Lin: A♥7♣
Junko: A♣4♦

Lin fell behind on the 6♦5♣4♠ flop and despite picking up an open-ended straight draw she was finally eliminated when the 6♠ turn and K♣ river bricked off.

PSF Korea Day 2 Celina Lin.jpg

Celina Lin

Lew and Lin were the only Team Pros in the field so we won’t be seeing a Red Spade take out the title tomorrow. They may have departed but we still have around 45 hopefuls in the mix as Day 2 powers through to the bubble. That will be when the 40th place finisher is eliminated so join us again shortly to find out all about it.


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