PokerStars Festival Korea: Prepare to Party

July 21, 2017

This city is renowned for its grandiose nightlife and in just a few hours’ time everybody here for PokerStars Festival Korea will get a chance to make the most of it. Sure, tournaments are exciting, but it’s time for my favourite event on the schedule – The Players Party.

Kicking off as soon as we wrap Main Event Day 1B tonight, the destination is the prestigious multi-storey club Rubik, right here inside Paradise City.

PSF Korea Rubik entrance.jpg

While today’s runners were battling it out in the poker room, myself and photographer Long Guan snuck into Rubik ahead of time and helped ourselves to a tour. Exceptionally luxurious for a nightclub, Rubik looks like the perfect host for tonight’s festivities. Featuring a huge stage and dance floor, a winding well-stocked bar, glass pool tables, as well as plenty of booths and room to enjoy the atmosphere, the poker players here in Korea are sure to enjoy themselves.

“The perfect mix of modernity and class,” as Guan described it, “immaculate and elegant.”

Unfortunately he wasn’t able to take any photos inside as the staff were still setting up, but an artist’s rendition below gives you an idea of the ambience.

PSF Korea Rubik art.jpg

We left Rubik and slipped back into the poker room just in time to get a taste of what’s to come tonight. Performers had taken to the stage at the bar overlooking the poker tables. Perhaps because it’s Friday night, or maybe you just don’t really need an excuse to have dancers at a poker tournament, whatever the reason the players seemed to appreciate the show.

PSF Korea dancers.jpg

The dance showcase lasted 15 minutes but word is that the performers will be back every hour until the fun begins tonight. That’s still a couple of hours away with more than three levels left to play here on Day 1B. Keep an eye out for a full wrap of Main Event proceedings later tonight, and be sure to check back tomorrow for a hazy, hungover review of the Players Party.


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