PokerStars Festival Korea: Lin leaves us while Lew lifts on Day 1C

July 22, 2017

Main Event Day 1C is chugging along but one player who has been felted after a tumultuous time at the table is Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin.

She opened in late position with pocket queens and after an active player three-bet from the small blind, Lin piled her chips in only to run into pocket aces. The board failed to save her and she was relegated to railbird status.

PSF Korea Day 1C Celina Lin.jpg

Celina Lin

Lin’s elimination seemed standard but it was a hand from earlier that we sat down with her to talk about. During Level 3 and blinds at 100/200 (25 ante) a player limped in middle position before Hyeonwoo An made it 700 to go from the cutoff. The button and small blind both flicked in a call but Lin opted for a squeeze to 3,500 from the big blind with A♦K♥. An and the small blind stuck around to see the flop spread 9♦10♦3♣.

It was checked over to An who held J♥10♥ and he moved his whole stack in the middle with an overbet of 17,425. The small blind promptly relinquished his hand but Lin, despite having just ace high, went into the tank pondering a hero call.

“I felt like I was ahead,” Lin explained. “It’s not my nature to call but I was asking myself what hands could he possibly have here to shove?”

Based on her history with An and what she’d witnessed earlier in the day Lin felt a call was correct. After two minutes of deliberation she went with her gut and committed the chips.

“He’s very aggressive and plays his draws extremely fast. I was shocked when he turned his hand over.”

Lin saw that An had made the huge jam with just top pair, and while she still had two overcards, the turn or river wouldn’t award her the sizable pot. That hand knocked her back to 11,000 from the 30,000 starting bank and despite running it up again – even building to 40,000 at one point – Lin later bricked a flush draw versus an opponent’s flopped trips, before finally making an exit in that fateful hand with pocket queens.

Lin’s elimination didn’t seem to sink her spirits, however, as she assured us she’ll return to take another shot at Day 1D.

“It’s a really fun tournament and I’ll definitely be back for the final flight tonight.”

For now it’s still Day 1C and Lin’s fellow Red Spade and partner Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew is in contention here. He has spun his stack up to 65,500 after recently finding a three-outer to eliminate a tablemate. Lew’s K♠Q♦ ran down Q♠Q♣ as the cards fell 10♦3♣2♦K♣3♥.

PSF Korea Day 1C Randy Lew.jpg

Randy Lew

We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if Lew can continue building, and find out tonight how Lin fares when she returns for the Day 1D flight. Stick with us here at PokerStars Blog for stories from on and off the felt, and head to PokerNews for all your live coverage needs.


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