PokerStars Festival Korea: Janik jumps ahead on Day 1C

July 22, 2017

The penultimate Day 1 flight has now punched out.

Day 1C here at the PokerStars Korea Main Event saw 118 join the action and they were whittled down to just 38 across 12 45-minute levels of play. That takes our total entrants up to 238 so far with the final flight commencing tonight.

Of those in today’s bunch it was Scott Janik who clawed his way to the top. He bagged up 215,800 when all was said and done. Janik has no recorded live cashes to his name but looks a favourite to change that this week. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Janik told us he’s in the military and currently stationed here in Korea.

PSF Korea Scott Janik.jpg

Scott Janik leading the way

Team PokerStars were also represented with Celina Lin and Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew making appearances on Day 1C. Lin was eliminated early into proceedings when she ran pocket queens into a tablemate’s aces but Lew found a bag at the end of the day.

Lew was accumulating an impressive stack until he ended up on the wrong side of a big hand against Yang Zhang and Takeharu Asakage in the final level. The three of them got all the money in preflop and it was Lew’s A♥K♦ against Zhang’s pocket jacks and Asakage’s K♠Q♦. The 9♣8♠2♦10♣9♦ run out spelled disaster for Lew as he was left with just 32,000.

PSF Korea Randy Lew short stack.jpg

Randy Lew – Shortstacked but still smiling

Despite that hiccup Lew got back to the grind and ultimately qualified for Day 2 with 52,700.

Joining him tomorrow will be APPT Manila Main Event winner Linh Tran (68,000) along with the likes of Daniel Lee (64,100), Jason Park (34,000) and Tzu Chieh Lo (24,600) trailing the field.

Those who finished with chips will be counting their blessings but the same can’t be said for a huge portion of the Day 1C field. Finland’s Antti Halme was one of those that fell by the wayside and it was a one-two punch that ended his tournament run. The first hand that hurt Halme saw him bet on a board of K♦7♦7♥9♠8♠ and muck when called and shown A♠K♠. In the very next hand his pocket fives collided with an opponent’s pocket kings and Halme failed to improve.

PSF Korea Antti Halme.jpg

Antti Halme

The lucky ones that made it through will all be back tomorrow for the official Day 2. For now, we’re kicking on with the turbo night-time flight of Day 1D. Chips will be flying in this one with 20-minute levels a likely catalyst for a lot of action. Stay with us!


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