PokerStars Festival Korea: Heads up set as three more fall

July 24, 2017

Heads up between Yuki Ko and Taehoon Han is now set here in the PokerStars Festival Korea Main Event after Harunobu Kojima, Mitsuru Sano and Weikuo Hsiao have all been relegated to the rail. Han enters heads up play with 4,400,000 in chips for a slight advantage over Ko and his 4,150,000 stack.

PSF Korea heads up.jpg

Yuki Ko (left) VS Taehoon Han (right)

While the final two contenders prepare to battle it out let’s take a look at how it ended for our fifth, fourth and third place finishers. Kojima and Sano were knocked out in quick succession after the sixth place elimination but Hsiao hung around a little longer.

Kojima’s departure came when he found himself on the wrong end of a flip against Yuki Ko. Having moved all in from the cutoff, Kojima was at risk after Ko called in the small blind. Kojima’s A♥J♦ proved no match for Ko’s 7♠7♣ as the K♥5♠3♠6♠5♣ board saw the pocket sevens hold. He may have come up four short of a title but Kojima still picks up ₩25,600,000.

PSF Korea Harunobu Kojima elimination.jpg

Harunobu Kojima

Sano said goodbye next after an unfortunate river saw Han take the last of his chips. Initially, Han brought it in for a preflop raise to 80,000 before Sano three-bet to 200,000. Han called and the flop was spread Q♣9♥3♥. Sano bet 110,000 and when Han called again the 2♦ arrived on the turn. That prompted all the chips to end up in the middle and players turned up their hands.

Sano: A♠Q♠
Han: 5♣4♣

Sano had the best of it with top pair and even had one of Han’s outs to the straight but the A♦ still landed on the end to give Han the wheel and award him the pot. Sano shook the hands of his tablemates and scored ₩32,635,000.

psf korea Mitsuru Sano elimination.jpg

Mitsuru Sano

And the elimination that took us down to heads up was that of Hsiao in third. He moved in on the button for 11 big blinds with K♠2♣ but Han woke up with 10♠10♣ in the big blind. Hsiao paired his deuce on the J♣2♦7♦ flop but the 8♦ turn and J♦ river failed to save him. Hsiao walks away with ₩40,430,000.

PSF Korea Weikuo Hsiao elimination.jpg

Weikuo Hsiao

Now it’s time to see who takes out this PokerStars Festival Main Event to lift the trophy and don the Korea poker crown. Will it be Han or Ko? Stick with us to find out!


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