PokerStars Festival Korea: Down to 5 as Kovalevskii, Kim and Janik exit

July 24, 2017

We’re down to just five players now in the PokerStars Festival Korea Main Event. Dmitrii Kovalevskii, Jwahyoung Kim and Scott Janik have all fallen since today’s action began.

Kovalevskii was the first to find the rail after a bad beat from Janik ended his Main Event dream. Kovalevskii was really short and jammed from the cutoff for less than six big blinds with 179,000. Janik isolated with a raise to 400,000 and when the players in the blinds got out of the way the cards went on their backs.

Kovalevskii: A♣7♠
Janik: A♥6♣

Kovalevskii looked safe by the turn with the board showing 5♦J♥K♣9♣.

“He just needs to fade a six to stay alive,” said the tournament official on the microphone.

And just like that, the 6♥ fell on the end as Kovalevskii dropped his head and the squad of Russian railbirds let out cries of disbelief. Kovalevskii was the first casualty of the day but takes home ₩10,450,000 for his efforts here this week.

PSF Korea Dmitrii Kovalevskii elimination.jpg

Dmitrii Kovalevskii

Next to fall was Kim who found himself dominated and unable to improve. It was Mitsuru Sano who opened the action with a button-raise to 65,000 before Yuki Ko three-bet to 170,000 from the small blind. Kim then moved all in over the top from the big blind for 444,000 and Sano called to put him at risk. Ko went into the tank but when he ultimately let it go the two active hands were revealed.

Kim: A♦10♠
Sano: A♣K♥

The 8♦8♠4♦ brought some chopportunities for Kim but the 6♥ turn and 3♠ river couldn’t save him. He departs in 7th place for ₩14,220,000.

PSF Korea Jwahyoung Kim elimination.jpg

Jwahyoung Kim

Not long after that it was Janik’s turn to head to the cashier. He moved in from middle position for a touch over 15 big blinds holding A♠Q♠ but ran into Ko’s A♥K♣. He need help to stay remain in the hunt but the deck wouldn’t oblige as the cards came down 5♣2♦10♣J♦8♦. Janik collects ₩19,400,000 for 6th place.

PSF Korea Scott Janik elimination.jpg

Scott Janik

That leaves us with just five left chasing the Main Event title, the trophy, and ₩83,130,000. Stay with us as we approach the exciting conclusion of the PokerStars Festival Korea Main Event.


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