PokerStars Festival Dublin: Still a way to get in on the cheap!

September 29, 2017

You may have heard by now that the number of buy-ins to the PokerStars Festival Main Event will likely not hit the tournament’s €700,000 guaranteed prize pool. The word for it is “overlay”–and, of course, it will be honoured. There was never any danger of organisers reneging.

That said, registration is not yet officially closed on this €1,100 tournament. There’s a turbo Day 1C flight starting tonight at 9pm, which plays out exactly like a regular Day 1 but takes less than half the time.

Blind levels last 20 minutes, rather than the usual 45, and the whole thing will be done in a little more than four hours. It’s only open to players who have already played and busted Day 1A or Day 1B, so don’t be booking a flight if you haven’t already once sat down and departed.


However, if you do happen to be among the unfortunate contingent whose tournament went pear-shaped before now, you maybe don’t need to find the full €1,100 for a re-entry. The tournament staff are running single-table satellites to Day 1C right now, which cost €150 to enter and guarantee one ticket. (Second place will get €300, with €100 total in fees.)

Really nobody should be in two minds as to whether to play the second-chance flight. The overlay makes it a no-brainer in purely poker terms. However, not everybody is able to find €1,000 to play just like that. This, therefore, is the solution.

These satellites run only when demand is there, and five have so far been arranged. So if you want another shot at this tasty prize-pool, for only around a tenth of what it normally costs, get yourself back to the tournament room and get on the list.


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