PokerStars EPT San Remo: Level 28 updates, final table

April 23, 2009

Live updates from level 28 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the featured table.

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Blinds: 30,000-60,000 (ante: 5,000)

5.50pm: Sundell’s surge continues
Gustav Sundell has gone from short stack to close to the chip leader in the matter of minutes. There was a raise from Kalle Niemi and a reraise from William Reynolds on the button. Gustav Sundell shoved, everyone else got out the way, but Reynolds called. The American had 4♥4♣ and the Swede had K♠K♥ and the flop only made it better for the best hand. It came A♥K♣3♣ and the turn and river were blank. Sundell hauled in a 3,310,000 pot.

5.45pm: Sundell’s strong-arm
Gustav Sundell has now entered action mode and re-raises William Reynolds from the small blind after the American had made it 140,000. It was good.

5.40pm: Sundell back fighting
William Reynolds raised 140,000 and Gustav Sundell shoved for 600,000. Kalle Niemi gets out the way but Reynolds calls. He has 10♦10♠ and Sundell has A♠8♥ and Niemi announces that he folded the other two tens. That’s relevant only when the flop comes ace high, giving Reynolds scant chance for a re-suck. The runner-runner doesn’t come and Sundell is back with more than a million.

5.30pm: Massive hit to Sundell
The hitherto impeccable Swede Gustav Sundell has just lost about two thirds of his stack to Constant Rijkenberg. It was an unraised battle of the blinds and the flop came 2♠3♥9♦. Sundell check-called 75,000. The turn was 4♣ and Sundell again check-called 300,000. The river was Q♦ and this time Sundell was forced to check-call 500,000. He was shown 9-2 for his 900,000 investment and those two-pair were good for Rijkenberg to cripple Sundell.

5.25pm: Ace high good
William Reynolds raises from the button and Constant Rijkenberg calls from the big blind. The flop comes 6♥9♥2♦ which both players check. The turn is 9♠ and Rijkenberg tickles 225,000, which Reynolds calls. The river is 2♠ and Rijkenberg now fires 225,000. Reynolds calls again, shows A♠Q♣ for two pair, ace high, and it’s good.

5.23pm: Reynolds checks Niemi’s momentum
The newly-chipped Finn makes it 150,000 from the button but is forced to stop right there after William Reynolds makes it 360,000 from the small blind.

5.18pm: Nordic on Nordic
Kalle Niemi and Gustav Sundell get to a flop after Niemi makes it 150,000 from the cut-off and Sundell calls on the button. The flop comes 6♥A♥2♠ and Niemi checks, then Sundell bets 150,000 and Sundell now check-raises 450,000. Called. The turn is 8♥ and Niemi bets 400,000, which is enough for Sundell to fold.

5.09pm: Dragan Galic eliminated in fifth place, earning €314,000
This has been waiting to happen for two days, and now it has. Constant Rijkenberg and Dragan Galic are at it again and this time it’s terminal. Rijkenberg raises, Galic moves all in and Rijkenberg calls, all in about 10 seconds. There’s more than four million in the pot and the hands are A♥Q♣ for Rijkenberg and 9♦9♥ for Galic. The flop is emphatic: 10♠K♣J♦ which is Broadway for the Dutchman. The turn and river can’t change things and Galic is out. Rijkenberg is the new chip leader as his roller coaster continues.

5.05pm: Galic and Rijkenberg renew their acquaintance
There was something very familiar about this most recent pot. Constant Rijkenberg raised 150,000 and Dragan Galic insta-called. The flop was 5♥4♠Q♣ and Rijkenberg bet 175,000, Galic insta-raised 350,000 and Rijkenberg insta-all-inned 1,600,000. Fold.

4.55pm: Sundell reraising
William Reynolds raises to 140,000 and Sundell reraises to 340,000, which is enough to persuade the American to fold.

4.55pm: Double up for Niemi
The short-stacked Finn Kalle Niemi has just enjoyed the perfect start to the new level, moving all in from the small blind and getting a caller in William Reynolds in the big blind. Reynolds had A♠8♠ and Niemi had J♥J♣ and although Reynolds picked up a flush draw on the 10♠6♣6♠ flop, the 6♥ on the turn gave Niemi a full house and the 2♣ on the river was a blank. Niemi is back to 1,915,000.

4.45pm: Take 15
Players are enjoying their first break of the day and will return to the following chip stacks: William Reynolds, USA, 4,485,000
Gustav Sundell, Sweden, 2,470,000
Dragan Galic, Croatia, 2,050,000
Constant Rijkenberg, Holland, 1,885,000
Kalle Niemi, Finland, PokerStars qualifier, 965,000

The most recent counts are always available on the chip count page.



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