PokerStars EPT San Remo: Level 26 updates, final table

April 23, 2009

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The latest chip counts are available on the chip count page.

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (ante: 4,000)

3.10pm: Danilo D’Ettoris eliminated in eighth place, earning €114,000
Constant Rijkenberg is back with some chips and so is back on the attack. And he takes down the final Italian in San Remo. Danilo D’Ettoris raises to 120,000 from mid position and Rijkenberg moves all in for about 1,200,000, comfortably covering D’Ettoris. He calls. The Italian has A♥Q♦ Rijkenberg has 4♥4♣. The board comes J♥7♦3♥5♥3♦ and D’Ettoris is out.

3pm: Rijkenberg riches
Constant Rijkenberg doubles up to 1,274,000. Dragan Galic raises to 90,000 from early position, the sixth time he’s done so from the first 13 hands. Constant Rijkenberg moves all in from the blinds, for his final 670,000. Galic calls instantly. The Croatian is way behind, though, with his 3♠3♥ as Rijkenberg has found K♥K♦. There’s no danger at all on the board and the Dutchman doubles up.

2.55pm: All of this in moving pictures
The video blog team set up the final table something like this:

Watch EPT San Remo S5: Introduction to the Final Table on

2.50pm: Fitzgerald all in
Alex Fitzgerald moves all in under the gun and picks up the blinds and antes. A couple of hands later Kalle Niemi gets a walk in the big blind.

2.45pm: Reynolds chips up through Rijkenberg
Dragan Galic raises from early position, William Reynolds calls on the button and Constant Rijkenberg also calls from the big blind. The flop comes A♥5♥10♠ and all three players check. Rijkenberg, first to act, has a stab of 155,000 on the turn, which is 4♦. Galic folds but Reynolds calls. The river is J♠ and Rijkenberg checks. Reynolds bets 199,000 and that’s enough to take down the 600,000 pot.

2.38pm: First sizeable pot to Galic
Dragan Galic raises from early position, and William Reynolds reraises to 267,000, which Galic calls. The flop is Q♠5♠5♦ and Galic leads out all in, for upwards of two million. Reynolds folds and says: “I fold to your five.” Galic flips A♥Q♥ and Reynolds probably thinks he got off lightly.

2.30pm: Underway
And they’re off: Gustav Sundell takes the first pot with a pre-flop raise, then Dragan Galic takes the second by continuation betting from late position on a jack-high flop. William Reynolds looked him up, then folded to the continued aggression.

2.15pm: Players seated
The eight finalists have arrived to the final table arena and have taken their seats. Play will be underway imminently.


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