PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo: Mass cull

April 30, 2009

There’s been an almighty cull of players in Monte Carlo this afternoon – we’re down to 319 of the starting 520-odd. The top pros have not been spared the slaughter and the latest sweep of the room suggests that Victor Ramdin, Chad Brown, Noah Boeken, Raymond Rahme and Vanessa Rousso have all be swept away, likewise Joe Beevers, Richard Ashby and Mike Watson.

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Noah Boeken

Victoria Coren has the sorriest of all tales to tell: she lost to two two-outers, both times to Wooka Kim, and is now out of the tournament. The first hand was a threes versus kings encounter, costing the Team Pro 30,000. The second, and terminal, encounter was aces over tens, with a ten on the flop. Kim has turned her ten big blinds into about 150,000, while Coren is off to the beach.

_MG_6387_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Victoria Coren

Better news for Joe “Ender555” Ebanks, who is busy stacking gold chips as if they’re going out of fashion. Similarly, Lee “Final Table” Nelson continues to angle towards fulfilling the prophecy of his nickname as he is the first the pass 300,000.

Most recently, he eliminated Aleksander Strandli, who finished third here in 2006, when Jeff Williams won. But Strandli won’t be reliving those glory days as Nelson’s A-6 on a 6-6-2 flop proved too much for A-K. They got it all in pre-flop, with some history between them to explain what might appear to be some loose play.


Lee Nelson

Nelson is running very very hot so far in Monaco.


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