PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 5 Level 28 updates

August 23, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 5, level 28 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds 5,000-40,000-80,000.

8.33pm:Maxim Lykov is the EPT6 Kyiv champion, earning €330,000
After a relatively short heads-up battle we have crowned our inaugural winner of the EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship. The action started with a raise from Lykov which Dovzhenko called to see a 4♠J♦7♠ flop. Both players checked before Dovzhenko bet 400,000 on the 4♣ turn. Lykov treated this with a raise up to 1,000,000 then Dovzhenko moved all in and received an instant call from Lykov. Lykov tabled 4-10 for trip fours and Dovzhenko tabled J-9 for two-pair. The river came A♦ and a champion is crowned.

_MG_7432_EPT6Kyiv_Neil_Stoddart - Copy.jpg

8.26pm: It’s all over
Lykov is our EPT Kyiv champion. Details coming right up.

8.22pm: Pre flop action
Dovzhenko raised to 240,000 but folded to Lykov’s 580,000 three-bet.

8.15pm: Big betting
With the flop showing J♦5♠K♠ and 480,000 in the middle, Lykov made it 250,000 which Dovzhenko called. The turn came 7♣ which Lykov checked before Dovzhenko made a pot winning bet of 500,000.


8.12pm: Checking
On a flop of J♣5♠J♠ Lykov checked before Dovzhenko made it 225,000. Lykov called. An A♦ on the turn, checked by both. A Q♥ on the river, checked by both. Dovzhenko showed an ace, beating Lykov’s queen.

8.08pm: All in call
Hold on though. After Dovzhenko limped to see the 2♦2♥8♠ flop there was no betting on the J♦ turn but after the 8♥ on the river Lykov bet, was re-raised all-in by Dovzhenko then snap called by Lykov. Dovzhenko showed eight-three, Lykov eight-queen for an anti-climactic split pot.

8pm: Second flop of heads up
Lykov puts in 220,000 which Dovzhenko calls for a K♦K♣9♣ flop. Both check and do the same after the A♦ turn. After the 5♣ river, Dovzhenko bet 350,000 which Lykov called. But Dovzhenko showed A♣3♣ for the flush.

7.50pm: Vitaly Tolokonnikov, Russia, eliminated in 3rd, earning €140,000
Tolokonnikov made it 210,000 pre-flop which Lykov raised to 550,000 before Tolokonnikov moved all-in. Lykov called showing A♦J♣ while Tolokonnikov turned over 7♦7♥ for another classic race. The flop kept the tension flowing: 3♣Q♠5♥. Tolokonnikov was ahead until the A♥ hit the turn. Now Tolokonnikov needed a seven on the river but got a 8♦ instead. Within minutes of the restart we’re heads up in Kyiv.

7.35pm: Last level, or five more hours?
The three players have retaken their seats after dinner and are mighty close to that €330,000 first prize. With the stacks pretty even — just a big blind between first and second, for example — it’s anyone’s game, meaning there could still be a good deal of play in this tournament yet. Here are the stacks:

Alexander Dovzhenko – 3,110,000
Vitaly Tolokonnikov – 3,050,000
Maxim Lykov – 2,755,000

And here’s what they look like:


From left to right, Maxim Lykov, Alexander Dovzhenko, Vitaly Tolokonnikov


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