PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 4 Level 21/22 updates

August 22, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 4, level 22 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds 2,000-10,000-20,000.

10.46pm: End of the level
That’s it for this level. Players take a short break before play resumes. — SB

10.40pm: Don’t three-bet me
Adrian Schaap raised to 55,000 only to see the aggressive Maxim Lykov three-bet to 115,000. As happened before when Schaap doubled up through Lykov, the former four-bet all in. No snap call this time though as a fold was quick in coming. —MC

10.35pm: Chips
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10.32pm: Re-raise
Alexander Dovzhenko made it 51,000 pre-flop which Vitaly Kolokonnikov raised to 127,000. Dovzhenko thought about it but passed. — SB

10.28: Simonyan cagey play
Vitaly Tolokonnikov and Arthur Simonyan both played a raised pot that was checked to the turn giving us a Q♥8♥8♠5♥ board. Vitaly Tolokonnikov was the first to apply pressure with a bet that was good enough to take the pot as Simonyvan folded.

10.20pm: Schaap enters pot, loses
Adrian Schaap has been very quiet since they went down to one table, although he just entered a pot against Alexander Dovzhenko, who has been continually involved. Dovzhenko raised to 50,000 pre-flop, Schaap called, and the flop came 6♦5♥7♦. They both checked and then Dovzhenko fired 60,000 at the 6♠ turn. It was good as Schapp got out the way. — HS


Adrian Schaap

10.15pm: River bet good
A raised pot between Maxim Lykov and Vadim Markushevski brought a 3♣7♥A♦ flop where the latter led out for 80,000 and was called. Both players checked the 2♠ turn before Markushevski checked folded to a 88,000 river bet from Lykov. — MC

10.10pm: Plichta picks off bluff
Short-stacked Lucasz Plichta is still battling on. Vitaly Tolokonnikov raised from early position to 48,000 and the Polish player moved all in. It wasn’t much more for Tolokonnikov to call, but he didn’t fancy it, was possibly ‘at it’ in poker terminology, and Plichta stacked up a few more. -HS

10.03pm: Tent on tenterhooks
On a flop of A♠7♠Q♣ Torsten Tent makes it 70,000 which Alexander Dovzhenko called. On the 10♥ turn Dovzhenko moved all-in which Tent called showing king-jack for an ace-high straight. Dovzhenko showed pocket sevens for a set and needed the board to pair. Tent couldn’t watch but would make it, the river landing a harmless 8♠. They each have roughly 1.4 million. — SB


Torsten Tent

10pm: Anticlimax
On the stroke of 10pm, Alexander Dovzhenko raised to 50,000 and Vitaly Tolokonnikov reraises all in, another 425,000. Dovzhenko surprised everyone by callng, but it was anticlimactic. Both players had an off-suit A-Q and there were already chopping once a rainbow flop was dealt. – HS

9.52pm: Introducing new EPT presenter Michelle Orpe

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9.48pm: Plichta on parade
Lucasz Plichta moves all-in. The action works its way around the table but no one wants the business. — SB

9.35pm: Pot of a million
A pot worth nearly 1 million develops after a three way 9♠8♥3♠ flop involving Adrian Schaap, Maxim Lykov and Vadim Markushevski. With already 578,00 in the middle, Schaap checked and Lykov made it 88,000, Markushevski raised to 200,000 and Lykov called for a 5♣ on the turn. Both checked for a 8♠ on the river. Another 200,000 from Markushevski which Lykov called showing six-seven for a straight. For Markushevski a powerless pair of tens. — SB

9.28pm: Hell of a lot of consonants
Vadim Markushevski and Alexander Dovzhenko tangle on a A♦7♠3♦ flop. Dovzhenko bets 50,000 and Markushevski calls. The both check the 10♠ turn for a 5♣ river card. Markushevski made it 80,000 which is called and shows ace-jack. Dovzhenko doesn’t show his card and now surrenders the chip lead to Markushevski who has 2.3 million. – SB

9.22pm: All in!
Michael Meyburg shoves in pre-flop for 256,000. No one fancies it. We play on. — SB

9.14pm: Simonyan on fire
Arthur Simonyan has burst into life since the last break, calling a Lykov bet of 40,000 Torsten Tent then moved in for 1,087,000. While Lykov folded Simonyan called showing pocket jacks. Tent immediately regretting things, showing pocket eights. The flop came A♦10♦5♦, leaving Tent with just a single out. It wasn’t the Q♥ on the turn, nor the 3♣ on the river. We play on. — SB

9.10pm: Will they, will they? No…
Vitaly Kolokonnikov moved all-in, found no takers. — SB

9.04pm: Schaap doubles up
Adrian Schaap made it 46,000 pre-flop which Maxim Lykov raised to 100,000. Tolokonnikov looked like he might jump in as well but folded before Schaap made the move all-in. Lykov called with A♠6♦. Schaap turned over pocket kings. The board came: 3♣K♣2♦A♣5♥. Schaap still here as we play on. — SB

8.59pm: Any takers?
Tolokonnikov moves all-in when the action is folded to him in the small blind. The big blind wants none of it. — SB

8.50pm: Action again
After a quiet spell Arthur Aimonyan moved all-in for 116,000. Michael Meyburg thought about it but it was Maxim Lykov who called with A♠3♠. Simonyan though was ahead with A♥J♠. the board missed both, coming 6♥K♦8♦10♥8♥. Simonyan up to 254,000. — SB

8.33pm: Pseudo final table
Nine players have now made it to one table. But it’s not the final table. We play eight-handed on the EPT and one player will need to be eliminated before we can packup and go home. Vitaly Tolokonnikov is the man under the most pressure.

8.30pm: Outer table shenanigans cripples Tolokonnikov
After a period of nothingness on the outer table — raise and take it poker, with the big stack of Vadim Markushevski to the fore — it kicked off on the very hand after Maslov’s elimination on the feature table. The short stack Michael Meyburg moved all in and Vitaly Tolokonnikov called in the big blind. They had to wait until the cameras could film them and then Tolokonnikov showed A♠8♦ to Meyburg’s J♥J♠. Meyburg can’t lose an all in today and he wasn’t going to start now. The jacks were good and Tolokonnikov will take the smallest stack to the psuedo final table. Meyburg has about 300,000. – HS

8.20pm: Lykov and Maslov clash on TV
Maxim Lykov makes it 40,000 from under-the-gun which is called in the big blind by Alexey Maslov. They saw a flop of A♣5♣9♠. Both check for a J♦ turn. Maslov checks before Lykov bets 52,000. Maslov announces raise and makes it 170,000. A huge pot becomes even bigger when Lykov re-raises all-in which Maslov calls, showing A♠8♠. But Lykov has the better hand, ace-jack for two pair. Maslov out. We’re down to one table. – SB

8.08pm: Eleven become ten
Two long names duel in a hand but only one survives. Volodymyr Pilyavskyy is out, his gallant white knuckle survival job has finally run its course. He moved in for 26,000 against Vadim Markushevski. At least he had a hand. Pilyavsky showed A♠K♠ to Markushevski’s slightly less impressive [4]10♦. Not to worry though as the flop delivered a brutal 10♣Q♠4♥. Nothing on the turn or river to change that. Ten players remain. — SB

8.01pm: Last Frenchman falls
Adrian Schaap raised it up from under-the-gun before Bernard Boutboul strangely called all in with 8♣9♦ for a total of 56,000. Schaap took a few chips back and tabled A♥K♥ before the cameras starting rolling and the board came Q♦6♣10♠K♣10♥ to end the Frenchman’s dreams.–MC

8pm: They’re all chasing this man…


7.55pm: We’re back
The players have returned from dinner, and it’s now a straight run to the final eight who will come back tomorrow to fight for the title.



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