PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 4 Level 18 updates

August 22, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 4, level 18 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds 500-4,000-8,000.

3.15pm: Breaktime entertainment
That’s the end of the level and as the players take a 15 minute break, here’s a quick chat with Andrew Malott, one of those still in the tournament.

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3pm: Vaserfirer extinguished
Oleksander Vaserfirer is out. He and Lucasz Plichta had some history, and then they both found hands in the blinds. Vaserfirer open shoved for about 200,000 and Plichta snap-called. Vaserfirer had 8♦8♠ but he was way behind Plichta’s K♣K♦. Neither the eight nor any of the running miracles came and Vaserfirer is extinguished. – HS

2.56pm: And on the other table…
Another all in and call takes place as Zima’s fate is sealed. Lucasz Plichta moved in with A♠Q♦ and was called by Oleksander Vaserfirer with A♥K♠. It looked like curtains for Plichta but the board proved kind: 9♥7♥J♦10♦K♣. He doubled up to 190,000 while Vaserfirer had to settle for 125,000. – SB

2.55pm: Zima gone
Grigory Zima moved all in with 7♣8♠ for 84,000 and was called by Adrian Schaap who turned over A♠J♣. The board brought a seven for Zima but an ace for Schaap on the flop. The turn and river were blanks and suddenly so was Zima. – SB

2.50: Naletov dominated and busted
Michael Naletov moved all in one time and managed to steal the blinds and antes but the next time he tried it he got called by Igor Dubinsky with A♠J♣. His all in was 120,500 and he needed a lot of help with his A♣8♣ but it failed to come on the 2♠2♥6♣J♥10♥ board. Dubinsky nearing the million mark on 970,000.

2.42pm: Fitzgerald doubles up
Alex Fitzgerald is back in business again, doubling up through Vitaly Tolokonnikov, who has just been moved to the featured table. All the money went in on the turn, looking at this board: 6♠7♣9♦7♥. Fitzgerald bet, something like 40,000, Tolokonnikov raised, something like 80,000, and Fitzgerald shoved for about 180,000. Tolokonnikov called instantly, showing A♥7♠ but Fitzgerald had flopped a straight with 8♦10♦ and it stayed good. Fitzgerald is up to about 450,000. – HS

2.40pm: Introducing Torsten Tent
One of the best stories from today is the miraculous surge to the top of the leaderboard of Torsten Tent, the PokerStars qualifier from Germany. No one is surprised any more about either Germans or PokerStars qualifiers surging through EPT fields, and the combination is fearsome. Thanks again to Robin Scherr, our German PokerStars blogger, we know the following about the Tent pitched so high in Kyiv:

He’s 31-years-old, comes from Korbach, near Kassel. He works at the Dunlop tyres production plant in Korbach, but plays poker in his free time, usually pot-limit Omaha cash games. He qualified for EPT Kyiv via the $11 re-buy satellite tournament and this is hiis first major tournament. He’s also got close to a million chips thanks largely to that huge aces against queens hands earlier. Now he’s pitched there, Tent is going to be hard to shift. – HS

2.30pm: A table down
As implied in that last update, a table has now been broken and there are three remaining, housing the last 23 players. – HS

2.25pm: Oh, Nikita
Tournament officials told dealers to stop what they were doing because we were breaking a table. But before they could actually do this, there was all in action on table three. It looked as though Nikita Nikolaev had tried a steal from the small blind with Q-4 and had run slap-bang into Alexander Dovzhenko’s A♥A♦ in the big blind. There was no miracle and Nikolaev is gone. – HS

2.22pm: One more goes
Oleksander Vaserfirer opened with a raise to 22,000 from the high-jack only to see Vadim Markushevski three-bet to 65,000 and Nikita Lebedev go all in for 270,000. Vaserfirer folded but made the call with 10♣[s]. It was a race as Lebedev revealed A♥K♥ and the board came 8♦6♦6♥5♥3♣ to hand a very nice sized pot to Markushevski but it was at the expense of Lebedev’s tournament.

2.20pm: Folding the best
Alexey Maslov is finding life a little tough on the feature TV table. Three times now he has raised and been forced off the hand. In the last it was Maxim Lykov who three bet, and after a long dwell Maslov folded 9-9. Lykiv flashed A-J, meaning Maslov had folded the best of it, something he can not continue to do as his stack diminishes. -SY

2.15pm: Dubinsky drubbed
Igor Dubinsky moved all-in, still shell shocked by the earlier Ten hand he was in need of help and Vadim Markushevski saw to it that his misery would be put to an end. Dubinsky turned over K♦Q♣ but was behind Markushevski’s A♠10♥. The board ran: A♣3♠6♠K♠3♦. Markushevski up to 665,000. – SB

2.10pm: Chatter
After a flurry of early eliminations, the pace has slowed and there’s an unexpected amount of success being shown to one another. Grigory Zima has been all in about three times, never finding a caller, and on Andrew Malott’s table, there’s a lot of chatter but not much movement in chips. Malott and Iliya Gorodetskiy are chewing a lot of fat, and Michael Meyburg is also wading in. They’re predominantly jibing Vitaly Tolokonnikov, who doesn’t seem to care at all. No wonder, he’s still got a huge stack of more than 500,000 and is happy to let them do the talking.

2.00pm: Another one bites the dust
It was folded around to Joram Voelklein in the high-jack and he open shoved for 75,000 and was called quickly by Vitaly Tolokonnikov in the small blind with A♠J♦. Voelklein was in need of help to stay alive with his Q♥6♦ but it didn’t come on the 3♦5♥5♠9♠2♣ board.

1.55pm: Boutboul double up
The tournament short stack Bernard Boutboul got it all in pre-flop against Jonas Kronwitter. The all-in, at risk Frenchman had Q♣J♦ and the big stacked Kronwitter had K♦9♠. But the flop was good for Boutboul as it came with a Q♠ on it. That stayed best to double up Boutboul. He now has 150,000.

1.52pm: Schaap shuts out Dombrovsky
Out on table three Adrian Schaap bet 27,000 pre-flop, Eduard Dombovsky then pushed all-in for 54,500 more. Schaap counted and thought, then called showing A♣5♦. Dombrovsky turned over 8♠9♠ and girded himself for the board: 4♠3♦5♥A♦10♣. Another player out. — SB

1.50pm: Yo-yo Fitzgerald
Three players get to the flop: Kirill Boydachenko from mid-position, Alex Fitzgerald on the button and Jonas Kronwitter from the small blind. The flop comes K♦7♥J♦ and they all checked, then Kronwitter bet on the turn of 6♠. After Boydachenko folded, Fitzgerald shoved all in for 203,000 total. And Kronwitter eventually folded. Fitzgerald is now past 300,000 again as his roller-coaster ride continues. – HS

1.45pm: Betting the Maxim
On our feature table there was a call before Maxim Lykov raised to 57,500. Alex Ftizgerald was one more seat along in the small blind and with a concentrated look on his face re-raised it up to 137,000. The original limper folded before Lykov moved all in prompting a quick fold from Fitzgerald.

1.40pm: New level under way
Players have returned from their break and we’re into level 18. The full official chip counts are on their way and will be on the chip count page. We can tell you this, though: Torsten Tent is the new chip leader. He has 908,500 and Maxim Lykov has 803,000.




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