PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 4 Level 17 updates (cont)

August 22, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 4, level 17 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds 500-3,000-6,000.

1.21pm: Break
Players are on a break and we’re counting chips. The full, official counts will appear on the chip count page quicker than you can say: “How do they get that to blink like that?”


1.20pm: Lucky last hand of the level
As most of the players head off for a 15 break Igor Dubinsky moved all in for his last 49,500 with A♣2♠ and was called by Nikita Lebedev in the small blind with A♦J♣. The dealer gave us 8♣7♦Q♠9♠2♦ making a lucky pair of twos for the Ukrainian and a needed double up after a bad start to the day where he fell down the leader board. -MC

1.15pm: Torsten on top
Michael Meyburg has been moving in at regular intervals, trying to recover some of those lost to Andrew Malott earlier on. Meanwhile across the room an all-in of the action kind took place between Torsten Tent and Igor Dubinsky that made the German a new contender for chip leader. Tent made it 16,000, Dubinsky re-raised to 40,500 which Tent re-re-raised to 190,000 before Dubinsky moved in. Needless to say Tent snap called showing A♦A♠ to Dubinsky’s J♦J♥. The board ran 5♣7♥9♦10♠6♥. Tent stacked more than 900,000 while Dubinsky was left with a meagre 90,000. – SB

1.12pm: Trebles all round
Volodymyr Pilyavskyy triples up, all in with J-J on a flop of A♣A♥2♣ he gets two callers in Igor Dubinsky with 7-7 and Nikita Lebedev with 9-9. They checked down the 10♦ turn and the 4♣ river.

1.11pm: Chips
The way we’re doing this today is this: we’ll be guesstimating chip counts throughout the level, but there’ll be full official counts at the end of each 75-minute period. The chip-count page is where you’ll find all that. — HS

1.05pm: Three-way on TV
On the featured table, Anatoly Zharnitskiy, Alex Fitzgerald and Jonas Kronwitter got to a flop of 2♠3♣J♦. Kronwitter made a continuation bet, having raised pre-flop, and Zharnitskiy then re-raised, committing 40 percent of his stack. Fitzgerald moved all in, for 190,000, and Kronwitter was then sent into the tank. He dwelled for a long, long time, but then laid it down. As did Zharnitskiy, who ruefully conceded: “You win.”

1.00pm: Jaoui jumps
David Jaoui found aces at the same time that Adrian Schaap found jacks. They got it all in pre-flop and there was no outdraw, meaning the Frenchman doubles through the Dutchman. – HS

12.55pm: Double up, double up
After a cagey start play has exploded into action on the outer tables. On two different tables there were two double-ups that occurred two minutes apart.

Firstly Torsten Tent raised to 16,000 from mid position before Michele Limongi re-raised to 79,000 from the button. Before the blinds had a chance to act Tent moved all in for another 138,500. After a tank Limongi called with 9♦9♣ but was in bad shape against his opponent’s J♥J♣. The board ran out 2♠A♣8♦4♦K♦ to double tent up and cripple Limoningi.

Two tables along Michael Jurgen doubled up through Michael Naletov with pocket kings versus king-queen. It all went in on a queen high flop. – MC

12.55pm: Mulder mullered
Menno Mulder, the Dutch PokerStars qualifier, is out. He got his final 80,000-odd in pre-flop and was called by Iliya Gorodetskiy. The Russian had 9♥9♣ and they were up against Mulder’s J♣K♦. The flop came 10♥8♣7♥ and the turn was a disastrous J♥, filling Gorodetskiy’s straight. Mulder received no miracle nine on the river and he was gone. – HS

12.50: Double trouble
A very big hand just went down on table 4. A short stacked Michele Limongi moved all in for his last 31,500 and was called by Nikita Lebedev in late position before Artem Litvinov called all in for his last 21,500. Limongi tabled A♦6♠, Lebedev opened A♥8♥ and Lebedev showed 10♥10♦. The board ran out 5♥J♥7♠K♠9♥ making the flush on river for the biggest stacked player meaning we have a double elimination, our first of the day.

12.45pm: Malott doubles up
Andrew Malott made it 15,000 from mid-position and Michael Meyburg called for a flop of 3♠J♥5♥. Malott then added 25,000 to the pot. “How much?” asked Meyburg. “Whatever you put out there I’ll put it all-in,” replied Malott, with 100,000 left behind. Meyburg moved all-in and Malott snap called, turning over A♥10♥ to Meyburg 4♣2♣. The crowds gathered and watched the 4♥ and 7♠ send the chips to the American. — SB

12.41pm: Opening shots
Early activity on table one included an under-the-gun all-in from seat three which Iliya Gorodetskiy thought about but declined calling. Then Igor Dubinsky tried it, announcing all-in. “I knew you spoke English,” said Andrew Malott, which was translated to Dubinsky. “I know three words,” replied Dubinsky, “call, all-in, raise.” But as before there were no takers. — SB

12.40pm: Alexander Dovzhenko doubles
The local player Alexander Dovzhenko and the German player Joram Voelklein got it all in on a flop of K♠Q♦3♠. Dovzhenko showed K♦Q♣ and Voelklein had J♠8♠. Voelklein’s hand didn’t improve and the top two pair stood up to double through. — HS

12.35pm: One for Simonyan
It’s raise and take it at the moment on the feature table. While Alex Fitzgerald has been doing most of the aggression, Arthur Simonyan just picked up some chips with an uncontested pre-flop raise. — SY

12.30pm: Fitzgerald flies out the blocks
Alexander Fitzgerald takes the first pot on the feature table, re-raising Kirill Boydachenko pre-flop and then moving all in for 180,000 on the flop of 3♥K♥8♦. It’s good, as Boydachenko lets it go. — HS

12.25pm: A video interlude
Players are going through the motions ahead of the new day. That means microphones being attached, Thomas Kremser talking through the rules and regulations, and gives you the chance to watch the latest video blog instructing us how to act in a live tournament.

Watch "EPT Kyiv S6: Live Game Etiquette on

12.20pm: Action stations
There are 32 players left as we resume on day four of EPT Kyiv. The very simple plan today is to play down to a final table of eight. You can get a sample of what that looks like with the EPT Live webcast, which will bring you all the action from the one of the tables. Of course, we’ll also be following that action, as well as from elsewhere on the tournament floor. It’ll be blow-by-blow until we reach the final.



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