PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 3 Level 13 updates

August 21, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 3, level 13 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 200-1,200-2,400.

1.25pm: Break time
Players are now taking their first 15 minute break of the day and we’re doing a full, official chip count. You know where you’ll be able to find that sooner than you can say: “Is that a flashing red link?” – HS


1.20pm: Two all ins, no calls
On the last hand before the break, Volodymyr Pilyavskiy called under-the-gun and Adrian Schaap raised from the button, making it 7,100. Artem Litvinov in the small blind called, as did Pilyavskiy, who started this thing. The flop came 4♠4♥3♥ and after the two early position players checked, Schaap moved all in for about 60,000. That, decided Pilyavskiy and Litvinov, was too much and they folded. At the same time on a neighbouring table, Iliya Gorodetskiy raised pre-flop, but was reraised all in by Ilya Kainov. Gorodetskiy anguished, then made what seemed to be a difficult fold. Good decision, though, as Kainov showed pocket kings. – HS

1.18pm: Four way pot, led by Kronwitter
A four way pot develops on table two, started and ended by Jonas Kronwitter. He raised to 5,600 which was called by Davis Sonelin on the button, Vadim Markushevski in the big blind and David Aslanyan from under-the-gun. The flop of 6♥8♣9♣ was checked by everyone for a 3♥ turn. Markushevski checked it, Aslanyan bet 14,200 at it and Kronwitter called it. Now Sonelin raised another 23,100 and sent the action around the table again; Markushevski folding, Aslanyan doing the same after a few minutes thought and Kronwitter calling. Both checked the Q♠ on the river before Kronwitter showing K♦K♥ to Sonelin’s J♦J♥. Kronwitter up to 430,000 now and the chip lead. – SB

1.13pm: Kopyl in every hand
Waldemar Kopyl, from Germany, raised three hands pre-flop back to back, each time 6,000. On the first occasion, he took the blinds and antes; on the second occasion, he was reraised to 16,000 by Volodyhyr Sendetskiy, and folded; on the third occasion he got a call from Michele Limongi. They saw a flop of 10♣A♠6♣ and after Limongi checked, Kopyl bet 7,200 and Limongi quickly folded. – HS

1.10pm: Ask the question, get the answer
There was about 15,000 in the pot and Alex Fitzgerald and David Jaoui still with cards. The flop was out: 8♥10♠5♣ and Fitzgerald bet 12,000. Jaoui raised to about 40,000 and Fitzgerald quietly folded. – HS


Alex Fitzgerald

1.06pm: While we wait for the next fascinating update…
…here’s a video blog

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1.05pm: Russian slips
Vitaly Tolokonnikov started the day as chip leader but has slipped in the first level down to 340,000. That’s still a big stack with 55 players left, and he’ll use it to his advantage. It won’t always work though. He and Lucasz Plichta, from Poland, saw a 10♥J♥2♠ flop and Plichta bet out 13,500. Tolokonnikov called, maybe fancying his chances of taking away the pot on the turn.

But on the 6♠ Plichta reached for more chips – a meaty 45,000 this time – and that was enough to force a fold by the Russian, who now has 340,000. — SY

12.58pm: Gerasimova drama
With the action folded to Alexey Maslov on the button he bet out 5,600 before Lika Gerasimova raised to 15,200 from the small blind. While the big blind moved out of the way Maslov pushed all in with A♠4♠, getting flash called by Gerasimova showing K♣K♥. Then the trouble started.


Lika Gerasimova

The board ran out 8♥A♣J♥5♦J♦. Gerasimova, a quiet, diminutive figure at the table, had whimpered when the ace hit but pushed her stack over after the river card, sending chips everywhere before walking away. The dealer cordoned off the spilt chips as Gerasimova returned to her seat and sent a text message. The hand left her with just 35,000 as Maslov survives, up to 140,000. “Can’t say nice hand,” says Andrew Malott to Maslov. “Nice hit.” — SB

12.56pm: Russia vs Russia
Lika Gerasimova bet 41,500 pre-flop but Vitaly Tolokonnikov pushed in behind with his massive stack. There was no contest from that point and Gerasimova folded. Elsewhere another table breaks leaving just seven. – SB

12.55pm: Not a bad flop for that hand
I approached the table with Alexandru Marin throwing his Q♣Q♠ into the muck and getting up to leave as I soon saw why. A chirpy Michele Limongi was his opponent holding A♥J♥ and the flop was a pretty looking 2♥8♥9♥. No need to explain this any further except to say Limongi is now on 256,000. The bubble is fast approaching.-MC

12.40pm: Zakharov doubles, Pevzner close to out
Sergei Pevzner found two big hands back to back and yet is now clinging on to his tournament life with less than 30,000. On the first hand Priit Turner opened for 6,000 and Pevzner reraised to 21,000 on the button. Everyone folded, including Turner, and Pevzner flashed two black jacks to the table. Next hand, Pevzner opened one off the button to 7,000 and Volodymyr Zakharov, in the small blind, made it 22,000. Joram Voelklein looked like he was going to make a move, but ended up folding, and Pevzner instantly announced all in.

Zakharov went into the tank, or that’s what it looked like, but Jorg Peisert, in the six seat, wondered aloud whether Zakharov actually heard the announcement as he had headphones clamped over his ears. The dealer asked him to remove the headphones, told him that his opponent was all in, and after a quick count down, Zakharov discovered that he was covered, but called.

He showed Q♥Q♦ against Pevzner’s A♦K♥ and the board ran out J♦7♠9♥J♥4♦ to double up Zakharov. He now has close to 230,000; Pevzner has about 20,000 left. – HS

12.40pm: Refos Smoked
I saw Raoul Refos at a table seemingly wishing his friend good luck. Can’t be sure as the Dutch language is and probably always will be a mystery to me. Anyway my point is that he wasn’t in his own seat so I asked him if he busted and I was disappointed to hear he was. With 50,000 in front of him he found ace-jack on the button and thought it a good spot to re-raise an under-the-gun raiser all-in. The snap call was quick in coming from the larger stacked player who held ace-king that held. – MC

12.32pm: Out of the spotlight
Aleksandr Ivanchenko is out of the Feature Seat. The man from Kazahkstan’s remarkable adventure ended after he moved all-in with A♣K♠ before David Sonelin did the same with pocket queens. the board ran out 4♠10♦J♦J♣2♠ sending the chips to the Swede. — SB


Aleksandr Ivanchenko

12.30pm: In the spotlight
Aleksandr Ivanchenko is the first player to occupy the PokerStars Blog Feature Seat, with 95,300. — SB

12.26pm: Third best wins
A huge hand broke out in the early stage on table three. Oleksander Vaserfirer, Bernard Boutboul and Tore Lukashaugen got all their chips in the middle and it was A-K for Boutboul, A-J for Lukashaugen and A-4 for Vaserfirer. By the end of the hand — I’m not certain when the money went in as the cards were already exposed on my arrival to the table — there was also a 2-3-5-6 on the board, filling Vaserfirer’s straight. The worst hand pre-flop beat the two dominant hands and Vaserfirer tripled up to about 180,000. Boutboul won the side pot and Lukashaugen was eliminated. – HS

12.25pm: Straight beats set
It was folded around to Igor Dubinsky on the button who raised it up to 6,000 and was called by Sergey Antonenko before Vitaly Tolokonnikov re-raised to 22,500 from the big blind. All three players checked the 10♥8♣3♠ flop before the turn was revealed as 9♥. Change of guard as Sergey Antonenko led out for 55,000, a bet that only Dubinsky called. The scary looking 7♦ on the river slowed things back down as both players checked. It was then a surprise to see Antonenko table 7♠7♥ for a set and Dubinsky 6♦7♣ for a straight. Dubinsky up to 350,000 now. -MC

12.20pm: Sarwer soured
Jeff Sarwer is out, ending a private hell that started late yesterday when the bottom fell out of his chip lead campaign. His Jack-Nine looked in good shape on an Eight-Ten-Jack (“I’m not getting away from that.”) but didn’t count on fellow Canadian Anatoly Zharnitsky holding Seven-Nine. — SB

12.08pm: Mattern matters
Arnaud Mattern doubled up in the first hand, his A♣Q♦ beating the A♥6♣ of Andrew Malott on a blank board. Mattern up to 51,000. — SB

12.07pm: First blood
“Bye bye.” The last words of Dmitry Vornovitskiy, out in 1 minute 40 seconds into the level. — SB

12.05pm: We’re off!
Well, we’re nearly off. Thomas Kremser is just making a few short announcements to the 68 remaining players before we kick-off day 3.



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