PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 1B Level 5 updates

August 19, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1B, level 5 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 25-150-300.

6.15pm: Hansen on the rise
Gus Hansen is still mixing it up with his table mates. In one hand he saw a J♥4♣8♣ raised pot with two players in early position including fellow Aussie Millions Champion Alexander Kostritsyn. A 2,500 bet was made from Kostritsyn’s neighbour that only the Dane called. When faced with a check on the 3♦ turn he bet 5,625 and it was good enough to take the pot as his opponent folded.

A couple of hands later Hansen saw his mid position raise three-bet by the player in the next seat. Hansen then four-bet but his stubborn opponent made the call. Before the 9♦2♥10♦ flop came down Hansen had already thrown his whole 20,000 plus remaining stack over the line. The ploy worked as the fold was quick in coming and that put Hansen up to 36,000.

6.05pm: PokerStars Blog Feature Seat is on fire
The occupant of today’s PokerStars Blog Feature Seat (table 2, seat 7) is showing no sign of leaving it any time soon – he’s up to 55,000. Michele Limongi, from Italy, just won another nice pot on a tricky-looking board.

With A♥J♣5♣A♦10♦ staring at him from the felt, he checked the turn and river and faced a long, perhaps unnecessary stare down from his opponent on the button. Eventually the other player checked as well, and Limongi turned over A♣8♦. It was good.


Feature Seat occupant Michele Limongi

Meanwhile, fellow Italian Christiano Blanco is out. On a board showing Q♣8♦Q♠6♠7♥ he was aghast to find his 6-6 for the full house had been bettered by 8-8.

5.50pm: The Nutter makes his move
I just had a catch-up with PokerStars qualifier Stuart Rutter who managed to get his day back on track. Down to 6,000 at one point he is now back above his starting stack, his highest position of the day. This was largely due to two double-ups where he was quite fortunate in both.

The first hand he limped on the button with seven-eight suited and managed to flop top two-pair and then get a full double-up of the small blind player who thought his queen-eight was good. The next hand he raised with pocket kings and found two callers. The small blind player led out and Rutter just called to see a lovely king appear on the turn. His opponent then moved all in and Rutter called only to see how fortunate he was as his opponent had flopped a set of eights.

5.40pm: Devil’s hand
The turn was out giving us a 6♦7♣K♥4♥ flop. Alexander Kostritsyn had seemingly been an early position raiser and been called by both blinds. The big blind led out at this stage though for 2,000 before Kostritsyn bumped it up to 5,400. The small blind folded but the big blind snap called. The river was A♣ and the big blind check-called a 4,100 from the Russian who tabled 7♠4♠ for two-pair. No good here though as the big blind held 6♠6♥ for a set.

Kostritsyn still sitting on a healthy 41,000 stack.


Alexander Kostritsyn

5.30pm: Mould chipping up
The PokerStars qualifier Darren Mould, from England, has not had the easiest of tables today. First he had to sit through the worldwind that was Dario Minieri (who has now breezed out of the tournament), and now the Italian’s seat has been taken by Dragan Galic, the Croatian who final tabled EPT San Remo last April.

Despite that, Mould is playing a solid game and has inched up to over 40,000. Countryman John Kabbaj is heading the other way, though, and is now down to 8,000.



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