PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 1B Level 4 updates

August 19, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1B, level 4 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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5.10pm: Pickled Kabbaj
John Kabbaj called a mid-position raise to 800 whilst sitting in the big blind to see a J♣3♣10♣ flop. He check called an 800 bet and a 2,300 bet on the 3♠ turn. When the 8♠ river came Kabbaj took the lead with a 2,500 bet that was called. Kabbaj tabled K♠J♥ but it couldn’t beat his opponent’s A♣A♠. That leaves Kabbaj on 15,600 chips.

5.00pm: Danger board saves chips
I arrived at the table with the river out and Christiano Blanco facing a 10,000 bet from David Sonelin that he called. Sonelin tabled pockets aces for top set and it was good for the pot. Blanco said he had pocket nines for middle set on the flop. The flop was all clubs though with a fourth club appearing on the turn. Neither player had a club but if the board had been rainbow Blanco would lost a lot more chips.

4.45pm: Italy, shed a tear now
Double disaster for followers of Italian Poker – Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri, and Team PokerStars Italy player Pierpaolo Fabretti are both out of EPT Kyiv.

Minieri was first out of the door. After a typically roller-coaster day, which saw him zoom to as high as 70,000 at one point, he then sank to a low of 7,000 when his final moment came.

On a flop of 5♥3♥Q♦ Minieri pushed his last chips over the line, insta-called by his opponent in seat 9.

“I have pocket tens,” Minieri said as he flipped 10♦10♣. “Oh,” he added as he was presented with Q♥J♥. “Nice hand again.” The 4♣K♦ failed to bring a magical 10, and Minieri exited stage left.

Soon after Fabretti suffered the same fate. Like Minieri, he had built a stack before sliding down to his last 7,850.

When Constantine Turchenko raised to 900 pre-flop, and Nicolas Levi called, Fabretti made a stand and pushed all in. Turchenko called – then folded when Levi re-raised to 21,500.

Levi: A♠Q♣
Fabretti: A♦10♣

No help for the Italian from the dealer, and he joined Minieri on the rail.

4.30:Gus sees the light
The lights are fully blazing away again in all corners of the room and it seems to have had affect on Gus Hansen’s mood as he sat down at his table ready to play some cards. He’s been pretty active so far too. After folding for a few hands he then raised three hands in a row from the three earliest positions. He got no action the first two hands but got action from a player on the button on the third hand. Well Gus led out on the river with the board showing K♦10♥J♠9♣A♦ his opponent moved all in. Gus called and they split the pot as both held a queen.

Hansen on around 30,000 right now.

3.50: EPT Kyiv plunged into darkness!
Chaos has just erupted in the Palace of Sports – all the lights have gone out. Yes, we have a power cut. Play has stopped, players are guarding their chips, men with screwdrivers are trying to get it fixed.

3.45: Thater takes a hit
Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater just took a hit. On a flop of 7♥6♥J♠ she bet 5,500 but was re-raised by the player to her left to 11,500. After hitting the tank for several minutes, she elected to fold, leaving her with around 24,000.


Katja Thater

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