PokerStars EPT Kyiv: Day 1B Level 3 updates

August 19, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1B, level 3 of EPT Kyiv Sports Poker Championship brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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3.40pm: Vlad Zguba
Team PokerStars Ukraine member Vlad Zguba raised from first position and was called in two places including John Kabbaj in the big blind. Kabbaj then check called a bet and then led out on the turn to force the fold from one of our newest team members.

Over on a nearby table Albert Iversen just five-bet an opponent all in in a pre-flop raising war. The final move of aggression worked and Iversen raked in the pot to put him on 35,000.

3.35pm: Great Dane bounds out again
Gus Hansen has decided he’s not in the mood to play to day and will return tomorrow. He made a brief appearance as we just reported but he’ll try and pick up play with whatever stack he’ll have left at the end of the day today.

3.25pm: Great Dane bounds in
Gus Hansen is in the house. The legendary Dane has taken his seat about half way through today’s play. With the great new structure and with his style of play it’s probably not a bad tactic.

3.15pm: Good Deeb for the day
A pretty sick hand just went down between Shaun Deeb and Moldovian player Valeriy Koka. The flop was already out as 6♦4♠7♥ and in a flash all the chips were in the middle with Deeb calling Koka’s all in with 5♥3♥ for the nuts. Koka was drawing pretty thing with his 8♠7♣. Thin is not dead though and this proved as the turn came 8♣ and the river 8♦ to make a full house for Koka. Gasps were heard from all around but Deeb took it very well and counted out the 20,225 he needed to pay off his foe leaving him with 37,500.

3.05pm: Fabretti loses betti
Team PokerStars Italy’s Pierpaolo Fabretti stared at the A♥K♠A♣4♠7♦ board. Then looked again at the 4,500 bet he faced from the player to his left. With 5,000 already in the pot, he fancied his chances and called… only to walk straight into A♠K♥. Insta-muck.

That put Fabreitti back to around 36,000.

Meanwhile his fellow countryman Dario Minieri just took a huge hit. On a board of 9♥5♠6♠6♥6♦, and with 20,000 in the pot already, he faced a 24,900 all-in bet from the player three to his left. Dario dwelled for a while, and with around 55,000 behind him made the call.

He was shown K♥K♠ for the full house. “Nice hand,” said Dario, as he mucked and contemplated the 30,000 he had left – exactly what he started with.

2.45pm: Dario at it again
There was around 5,500 already in the middle as I approached the table as the turn was dealt giving us a 4♥7♥3♠Q♣ board. A player in the small blind checked to Team Pokertars Pro Dario Minieri who isn’t shy about betting and this proved as he bet 3,700. After a good think his opponent raised it up to 8,000 only to see Minieri pick up a handful of 5,000 denomination yellow chips and throw them over the line. His frustrated opponent aggressively slid his cards into the muck. Minieri shrugged and opened 7♦5♠ for all to see. This puts him up to around 70,000 now. let’s hope he can hang on to them.


Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

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