PokerStars and Team Liquid to take on the world

May 18, 2016

Today, the worlds of poker and eSports just got more intertwined, and the family affair is about to get wild.

It’s not been too long ago that Team PokerStars Pro, ElkY, joined up on one of the world’s most famous gaming teams. Now, that extended family is getting even bigger.

PokerStars announced today that it has partnered with eSports legend Team Liquid and is bringing a number of Team Liquid’s stars as part of the deal. Some of Team Liquid’stop players, already famous for their game play, will be streaming poker on Twitch and spreading the word of PokerStars around the globe.


Team Liquid is no stranger to poker. In fact, anyone who has been around the game long enough remembers Team Liquid Poker, a site dedicated specifically to poker. Now, PokerStars is an official Team Liquid sponsor.

Team Liquid has included some of its biggest stars in the deal, including Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen, a player who already knows a lot about poker but has focused more of his attention in recent years on Hearthstone.

“I’m actually no stranger to poker,” Mikkonen said. I used to play a lot in the past. PokerStars is the most respected and reliable company in that business, so I’m super excited to be sponsored by them.”


Janne “Savjz” Mikkonen

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Mikkonen will be joined by Jeffrey “SjoW” Brusi, a living legend in the gaming community who spent his early years making a living playing poker. He plans to join Mikkonen at a few European Poker Tour events over the next year and remembers what it was like to grind the felt for a living.

“It’s a very complex and interesting game,” Brusi said. “Having played some during some of the eSports events I attended, I have developed a little bit of a drive to play more, and what better site to start playing on than PokerStars! If you wanna see an old poker player relearn the game tune in to my stream.”


Jeffrey “SjoW” Brusi
Rounding out the team will be Dario “TLO” Wünsch, an unconventional player with a high tolerance for risk who promises to make the poker tables an even more interesting place.

“Poker and StarCraft have always been two scenes that are very close to each other. Both are games of incomplete information that have an incredibly high skill ceilings,” Wünsch said. “I’m looking forward to trying myself out in poker, and you’ll be able to see me learn the game as a total amateur on my twitch channel!”

Stay tuned for details on when the streams will start and when you can meet these players at the next PokerStars event.

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