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May 01, 2021inPoker

SCOOP was in full swing at the beginning of May 2021, and we were catching up with the winners — including two from Team PokerStars. As the month wore on, we published our usual selection of strategy articles, book excerpts and interviews, plus feature focusing on the whole wide world of poker.

How closely were you paying attention? Here are 10 questions to test your knowledge.

Let us know how many you got right in the comments below. Enjoy!


#1. PokerStars Retro went all the way back to 2008-09 and revisited the second and third seasons of the Latin America Poker Tour (LAPT). Which future superstar won his first major title at the LAPT event in Mar Del Plata, Argentina?

It was the German player Dominik Nitsche, who was a PokerStars qualifier in Argentina and got his live career off to a flying start. Read more about PokerStars Retro.

#2. As SCOOP was under way, PokerStars unveiled six new ambassadors to the Red Spade team. Which one was formerly a member of Team PokerStars Online, and became the first player to leave and then return to the team?

It was the Portuguese streaming titan Andre “ACoimbraPoker” Coimbra, who comes back with the goal of growing his Twitch and social media communities even further.

#3. We took an extensive look at gadgets for poker players, including the best desks, chairs and other devices that might appeal to grinders. What does a Cubii JR1 do?

All seem amazing, but the actual Cubii JR1 is the treadmill — or “elliptical machine” — that keeps your legs moving and records distance travelled and calories burned, among other things.

#4. What happens on the flop during a hand of "Fusion" poker that doesn't happen in a regular hand of no limit hold'em?

Fusion combines hold’em and Omaha, and players get one extra hole card on the flop, with another coming on the turn. Thus a hold’em hand comes to resemble and Omaha hand. Here’s how you brush up on your Fusion skills.

#5. Fintan "easywithaces" Hand scored the biggest tournament cash of his career, and his second SCOOP title, when he won a $5K High Roller. But why were the final stages of the tournament bittersweet for the PokerStars ambassador?

An electrical outage meant that the more than 15,000 people watching on Twitch were denied the chance to share in Fintan’s celebrations.

#6. One player has raised, another has called behind. This set-up gives you the perfect opportunity to try which semi-advanced play, discussed in a recent PokerStars School article?

It’s the squeeze play. Want to know how and when to do it? PokerStars School will help you out.

#7. PokerStars Casino hit a jackpot at the beginning of May. From a 70c spin, how much did the lucky slots player win?

The player was just getting ready for a day of hiking and decided to try their luck. Boom. In came the jackpot worth €8,133,445.23.

#8. Writer, broadcaster and player Bernard Lee shared an excerpt from his newest book Poker Satellite Success!. But in what position did Lee finish in the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event, as a PokerStars satellite qualifier, vaulting him to global recognition?

Lee finished 13th, winning $400,000, but his journey captivated readers on PokerStars Blog and on the ESPN broadcast, making him one of the boom years’ most recognisable faces. Read the extract from Lee’s book.

#9. The Women's Sunday made a permanent change to its buy-in, and gave away $640 in tournament tickets by way of celebration. What did the buy-in change to and from?

After a successful trial, it made a permanent switch from $55 to $22. Join the “Our Voices” community to have your say on all matter related to women’s poker.

#10. Which other Team PokerStars Pro won a title during SCOOP?

It was the British mixed-games enthusiast Mason Pye, who won the $109 Stud event and woke up his mum to celebrate.


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