Poker quiz: June 2021

June 01, 2021inPoker

June 2021 got under way just as the Bounty Builder Turbo Series was rounding up. We then had heaps of news and features before the soccer tournament Euro 2020 ended the month. Our teasers this time include questions about both of those things, plus some tough ones about soap operas, online avatars, and something that looks like French.

All the answers can be found in articles we’ve published this month. Enjoy!


#1. We imagined what the Euro 2020 quarter finals would look like if they were playing poker instead of football. Which English star did NOT make the five-man team?

Unfortunately there was no place in the line-up for Spraggy. But Team PokerStars Online, and Tetbury Town, are still happy to have him. See who else made the cut in our article: What if Euro 2020 was a poker event?

#2. Which PokerStars reg recently went to the top of Pocket Fives' worldwide money list for online tournament poker?

It was the Portuguese player Joaa “Naza114” Vieira, whose documented earnings now sit at $24.83 million. We profiled Vieira.

#3. The Brazil Series of Poker (BSOP) Online is returning to PokerStars in July. What's the buy-in of the $450K Gtd Main Event?

It’s a $215 buy-in and it will take place on Monday, July 12. Take a look at the full BSOP schedule and check the client for satellites.=

#4. Canada's Jonah Silverstein won both the Sunday Warm-Up AND the Sunday Cooldown on the same night, late in June. What is Silverstein's online alias?

Silverstein is the man behind the “RaiseUpBlind” avatar. Read more about his incredible daily double.

#5. The World College Poker Championship is coming to in July, with the winner set to win an €8,000 European Poker Tour package, plus the chance to play a special heads-up match against whom?

It’s the magnificent Finn Patrick Antonius. Every day is a school day, particularly that one, you’d expect. Read more about the full list of prizes and how to enter.

#6. What are trèfles, carreaux, coeurs and piques?

Origin of playing card suits and the symbolsThey are the French names for the card suits, which began appearing around 1500 and influenced all subsequent deck make-ups. We took a close look at the history of playing cards.

#7. Which poker player is set to make regular appearances in a prime-time soap opera, starting this summer?

Ross Boatman: From Hendon to the East End

It’s Ross Boatman, who will play Harvey Monroe in Eastenders. Boatman is a professional actor, and one quarter of the Hendon Mob. Read more about Boatman’s casting in Forum Focus: Primetime Boatman

#8. The Bounty Builder Turbo Series wrapped in early June. There was $25 million guaranteed across the series, but what ended up being the total prize pools?

It was $31,155,432.66, with tournament winners taking $3,856,012.02 of that. Here’s a full statistical breakdown from the Bounty Builder Turbo Series.

#9. Twitch streamers Mark “Naigo1” Foresta and Keith “AccidentalGrenade” Becker on raised more than $10,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This is:

It’s all of those. Read more about it here. Also read about PokerStars partnering with the British charity Missing People.

#10. The maximum buy-ins for tournaments in the Summer Series events in Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey was $100. But, in total, how much prize money was awarded across the three series?

It was very close to $3 million, proving (if ever proof were needed) how big the appetite for poker is in the United States. Read all about the Summer Stacks series.



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