Poker Quiz – July 2021

July 01, 2021inPoker

It was the month of Micro Millions and the BSOP. We learnt about poker movie history and hand histories. There was a new Throwable and a new way to play mobile. But prove how much you know about all of it by taking this month’s poker quiz.


#1. The 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth met his toughest opponent earlier this month in a special battle made specifically for the PokerStars YouTube channel. Who was it?

The Poker Brat has been going heads-up against plenty of players recently, but this special pitted Hellmuth vs. Hellmuth in the ultimate battle of egos. Watch the hilarious clip (video restricted in certain territories).

#2. You're playing a pot in a live poker game and you see a river with two other players. It goes check, check, check and it's time to decide who wins the pot. Which player is required to show their cards first?

Even some experienced players don’t know this one, butit the player in earliest position. Brush up on this kind of thing in our article titled “Who shows cards first at the showdown in poker?”

#3. Micro Millions returned to PokerStars in July, with a 122-tournament schedule and a highest buy-in of $22. How much was the guarantee for the series?

Despite the tiny buy-ins, the prize pools were guaranteed to hit a remarkable $4.7 million.

#4. There was a much celebrated improvement made to the PokerStars Mobile client this month. What was it?

The new development allows you to play in portrait mode (i.e. with the phone upright) as well as landscape. Read for full details. All the other listed features have been available on PokerStars Mobile for quite a while already.

#5. The biggest renewal yet of the Brazil Series of Poker (BSOP) Online took place through July. Players from which country took the most of the 25 titles on offer?

Despite dominating pretty much all major series on PokerStars, Brazilians didn’t win the most titles in the BSOP Online. It was actually Russia who came out on top of the BSOP table. Here’s the full details.

#6. What's a "cold call" in poker?

As PokerStars School explained in a recent strategy article, a cold call is a flash name for nothing more than just calling when you haven’t yet invested anything in the pot.

#7. What information is included in a PokerStars hand history that is not shown when the hand plays in real time?

You get to learn what your opponent(s) was holding if the hand gets to showdown and they muck. The information — which you could, in theory, request in a live game too — is included in all hand histories. Read our recent guide about how to access your hand histories, and why they’re important to your improvement.

#8. What's the name of the app, popular among Twitch streamers, where users can create communities to discuss anything they wish, via voice or video calls, instant messaging, etc.?

It’s Discord and it’s brilliant. Here’s a full guide on how to make the most of it.

#9. The latest Throwable released by PokerStars in July allows you to fling what piece of poker-table furniture at an opponent?

The All-In Triangle throwableIt’s the all-in triangle, which you’ll earn if you stack a player in any game. Read more about the latest Throwable.

#10. The 1961 movie The Hustler featured a pool-playing gambler, played by Paul Newman. But which novel, later also made into a successful movie, was described as doing 'for stud poker what The Hustler did for pool'?

It was Richard Jessup’s The Cincinnati Kid, with the title role played by Steve McQueen, and still considered one of the best poker movies of all time. We took a thorough look at how Hollywood movies have affected the poker industry.


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