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NEWS: Which top tier poker pro won the Winter Series Main Event?
NEWS: The Winter Series Main Event final table also featured a former EPT Main Event champion. Who was it?
NEWS: PokerStars Pennsylvania hosted its first online series, known as the PACOOP, last week. Ryan Gerber, a 32-year-old project manager from Alburtis won the Main Event. How much was the buy-in?
NEWS: Amine Loueslati and Nizar Anafal finished heads-up for a Platinum Pass at the Road to PSPC event in Le Havre, France. How did they know each other prior to the tournament?
AUSSIE SPECIAL: It's Aussie Millions time down there in Melbourne. Who won the Main Event last year?
AUSSIE SPECIAL: Which of the following is NOT a screen-name for a player currently in the top 10 on the Australian money list?
AUSSIE SPECIAL: Gus Hansen published a book about his experiences at the 2007 Aussie Millions. What was it called?
AUSSIE SPECIAL: Australian pro James "Andy McLEOD" Obst moved away from playing poker full time in order to pursue what new career path?
AUSSIE SPECIAL: Who is this variously hirsute Australian?

Name this bearded Australian

HISTORY: According to gambling historians, the earliest known precursors to dice were made of what?

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