Poker quiz: February 2021

February 28, 2021inPoker

It’s the shortest month of the year, but February was packed with highlights on PokerStars Blog. We had three major series, a brilliant tie-in with Tetris®, new Throwables and all the usual newsworthy and bizarre features.

Here’s a quiz to test how well you were paying attention through February.

Have a stab at the questions. We’ve written about everything included here this month.

Let us know how many you got right in the comments below. Enjoy!


#1. The Micro Millions Marathon ran throughout February, with tournaments starting at $1.10. But how much was the guarantee on the Main Event, which had a $22 buy-in?

It was a cool $1 million, with Shipmopff of the Netherlands bagging the biggest prize.

#2. We took an in-depth look at the career of Neymar Jr., PokerStars' soccer superstar partner. Which Spanish club first gave the young Neymar a trial?

He ended up signing for Barcelona, but Real Madrid first brought the 14-year-old Neymar to Europe. Read the full Neymar profile.

#3. Which day in February was designated International Bluff Day?

What’s the worst hand in hold’em poker, with which you’re almost certainly bluffing if you’re playing it? Yep, it’s 7-2, which means the seventh of the second (month) would make the perfect International Bluff Day.

#4. Players from which US state could play a brand new 'COOP for the first time in February?

Poker in the Wolverine State

It was Michigan, as the newly-launched MICOOP — or Michigan Championship of Online Poker — came to tournament players in the Wolverine State.

#5. In which poker variant is one card of the flop on display before the pre-flop betting round?

Badugi is the one where suits count, razz is all about the low cards and simultaneous split doesn’t exist. It’s Courchevel where you get to see a flop card before any betting. We looked at all these less common variants.

#6. PokerStars launched its Tetris® Spin & Go leader boards in February. What's the official name for one of the multicoloured shapes that fall through the Tetris® matrix?

Four Tetris® minos makes a tetrimino. We found some terrific Tetris® facts and put together an official Tetris® glossary.


#7. We talked to US Chess Master Etan Illfeld this month. Why?

It’s chess, but not as we know it

Ilfeld is the inventor of Diving Chess, and it’s a smash hit.

#8. A British player named Rhys James won the Hot $33 on PokerStars in February, while streaming on Twitch. What is James's main job?

That’s pretty funny…

James is a pretty successful comedian — but has turned to poker to try to buy a £5K sofa as comedy clubs remain closed. Read all about his win.

#9. Which British player won the Turbo Series 8-Game, only a couple of months after winning the same tournament in Blowout Series?

Another win for Matt Ashton

There’s simply no beating Matt “MUSTAFABET” Ashton in the high buy-in mixed game tournaments. Read all about his latest win.

#10. Two new Throwables were launched in February. One was a volume control to help turn down the volume on opponents. But what was the other?

Throw a pig

Think pigs will fly before you switch on throwables? Then today’s the day!



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