Sometimes nothing is a pretty cool hand. Just ask James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton.

After a crazy month of traveling and recording special-edition episodes of Poker In The Ears, they asked politely to take things down a notch.

“No guests this week, please,” the boys said. “We’re tired. We just want to rest.”

“You still have to fulfill your contracts,” said PokerStars.

Good thing there are still a couple of classic, tenuously poker-related films out there for them to discuss!

Episode 165 marks the return of Poker Movie Monday (on a Wednesday). And in true cinema-worthy fashion, the boys return with a special double feature. This week’s discussion, which ensues after some quick talk of Stapes making a final table at Run It Up Reno IX, focuses on two films: the 1967 Paul Newman classic Cool Hand Luke, and David Mamet’s 1987 directorial debut, the heist thriller House Of Games.

After they finish their film discussion, Hartigan and Stapes welcome London resident Anton Zykin on the show to play this week’s Superfan Vs. Stapes. The topic? A film Stapes has seen quite recently: the 1987 David Mamet-helmed heist thriller House Of Games.

A pretty cool hand, indeed.

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