You know what they call a Big Mac in Estonia?

April 11, 2019inPoker

Joe Stapleton just flew in from Estonia — and boy, are his arms tired!

If you said “strawberry milkshake,” you’ve won this round of “What Do Poker Players Order At McDonald’s?”

Stapes had been in the Baltic republic for the last week working on the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge alongside the new tour’s namesake. Naturally, he has some great stories to tell, among them the tale of his late-night visit to Estonian McDonald’s with the Finnish legend.

After begging a cab driver to take them across town at 5 a.m., Stapes bounded into the land of the golden arches with three people: Antonius, his wife, and Miss Hungary. (Yes, Miss Hungary!) Antonius wanted a strawberry milkshake, even though everybody knows that you can’t get a milkshake at McDonald’s. The machine is always “broken.”

Beyond that story, this week’s episode of Poker In The Ears also features special guest Maria Ho. Recently named the GPI’s Broadcaster of the Year, Ho drops by to break down some hands from Stapleton’s recent 37th-place run in the annual WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament. Between that and the Tropic Thunder-themed installment of “Superfan Vs. Stapes,” there’s plenty worth poking your ears with.

Check out this week’s episode on SoundCloud, iTunes, or Spotify, and be sure to rate and subscribe to the podcast. The bit about Estonia starts around 12:00, and Maria Ho appears at 20:40.


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