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June 25, 2019inPoker

The starting bell rang on Sunday for the first UFC KO Poker Series, with a 68-event schedule of all Progressive KO tournaments. It’s a full week of action with prizes for every knockout, three UFC 241 travel packages up for grabs, and a $1.5 million guaranteed prize pool in next weekend’s Main Event.

If you’ve never tried Progressive KO tournaments before, fear not. PokerStars School has the lowdown on everything you need to succeed in this exciting tournament format, plus a chance to win a ticket to try it out for free.

This week:

• Why you should play Progressive KO tournaments
• Play the UFC KO Poker Series for free!
• Adapting to small-stakes NLHE

Progressive KOs – why to play them and how

The final table of the 2019 WSOP Super Turbo Bounty

The UFC KO Poker Series schedule consists entirely of Progressive KO tournaments. If you’ve never played this tournament format before, it can sound intimidating enough to avoid in favor of more familiar games. From reduced variance and an exhilarating late game to feelings of empowerment and less painful bustouts, there are loads of good reasons to give Progressive KO tournaments a shot.

Progressive KO tournaments play a little differently in certain spots, mostly related to the size of the bounty on your head, but Pete Clarke’s latest strategy piece makes it easy for newcomers to adjust to these differences. Boost your understanding of Progressive KO tournament strategy with these tips and start knocking out your opponents today.

Win an $11 UFC KO Poker Series ticket!

There’s no better way to try out your newfound Progressive KO knowledge than jumping into the UFC KO Poker Series. PokerStars School’s latest promotion can help you do that for free.

Entering couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is look over the series schedule and then leave a comment saying which events you’d like to play. It’s literally that easy. Enter the contest here by June 26th — the 10 winners will be chosen on June 28th.

Adapting to micro-stakes NLHE cash games

Can’t score a free ticket to the KO series? There’s always the option of sitting down at the micro-stakes cash game tables and winning your buy-in there — but don’t just waltz in and expect all that shiny theory you’ve been studying to earn you max value.

Even Jason Mercier would miss value at the micro-stakes tables if he didn’t adjust by using exploitative strategies

“A lot of the training material out there will teach you the foundations of conventionally solid play,” says Pete Clarke. “You will learn about how to build bluffing ranges on the river; use blockers to choose a specific bet-size; and how to develop a solid 4-Bet range in a late position pre-flop battle. The problem is that such technical game theory ideas miss the mark somewhat at the smaller stakes, where the average player starts his or her poker journey.”

What you need are exploitative strategies you can rely on at these stakes — and that’s exactly what Clarke provides with his Three Tips for Adapting to 2NL and 5NL Cash. Click through and apply these tips to your game to stop missing out on all the extra value micro-stakes players leave on the table.

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