Brand new features for PokerStars VR

April 05, 2019inPoker

New features include Sit & Gos, the option to buy chips and compete in weekly leader boards

If you’re a PokerStars VR player, there are some new features to look forward to this week.

From today you’ll be able to:

  • Play new PokerStars VR Sit & Gos
  • Buy chips to top up your bankroll*
  • And take part in weekly leader boards

It means there’s a new competitive edge to VR poker.

Jeff Lande is the CEO of Lucky VR, PokerStars VR’s virtual reality developer. He goes through the new updates in the video below.


Play new VR Sit & Gos

The VR Sit & Gos will be familiar to regular PokerStars players. But if you’re new to the game, here’s a rundown of how they work.

  • They begin when all the seats are filled, or when players decide to start. There’s no waiting around – you can play when you want to play.
  • They’re played using regular, turbo, or hyper turbo structures. That means ten, five and two minute levels. You pick the VR format you prefer, to play in the time you have.
  • Buy-ins start at 5,000 chips and go all the way to 1 million. So there are games for you whether you’re new to PokerStars VR, or count yourself as a virtual high roller.

And remember, if you prefer to play for free, you still can. You’ll still enjoy weekly bankroll resets when you drop below 10,000 chips, and up to three wheel spins a day.

Play new PokerStars VR Spin & Gos, or even host your own

You’ll also be able to host your own Sit & Gos. Set up a table and invite friends. Or just open it up and see who stops by.

You get to choose the structure, the buy-in, as well as the number of players.

Buy chips to fast track your bankroll

The option to buy more chips gives you more options on how to play.

Buy chips to fast track your PokerStars VR bankroll

You can grind your way into the bigger games, or you can boost your bankroll and jump straight into Wyatt’s game, with its $1 million buy-in.

And to help with that, you can take advantage of a 100% bonus on any chips you buy. It’s like a double up before you’ve even played a hand.

Here’s how it works.

Price point Base Chips +100% sale for launch
$1.99 10,000 20,000
$4.99 50,000 100,000
$9.99 125,000 250,000
$19.99 300,000 600,000
$49.99 1,000,000 2,000,000
$99.99 5,000,000 10,000,000

Remember, it’s only available for a limited time. So start building your bankroll now.

Earn rings by topping weekly leader boards

There’s more to it than winning chips.

Each week the leader board winners for both Sit & Gos and cash games will receive exclusive winners’ rings. It’s the kind of virtual bling that marks you out as a champion in the VR world.

Weekly leader board winners could find themselves in possession of some virtual bling

Each tier of leader board awards a different type of ring.

$5k – Bronze Tier Ring
$20k – Silver Tier Ring
$100k – Gold Tier Ring
$1M – Iridescent Tier Ring

How to find out more

It’s all part of the new features on PokerStars VR and you can read more about them on the VR homepage.

There you’ll find details of how to start playing VR Sit & Gos as well as how to set up your own game.

You’ll also find details of the “no props” option, and “privacy bubble”. And of current leader boards, and what it takes to win one of those champions rings.

Don’t forget to take advantage of those bonus chips. And look out for more features on the way soon.


*Unfortunately in-game purchases are not available everywhere, so check your country before attempting to buy.

Those countries/States include Belgium Italy, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Switzerland and India.

That’s on top of the countries and states where we currently do not distribute PokerStars VR: China, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Washington State (USA), Yemen, and Zimbabwe.


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