175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Tigran Huzadjan


Mega Path

Tigran Huzadjan hasn’t officially nominated his plus-one for his trip to Barcelona in August, but there’s a good chance he knows who will be coming already. Huzadjan, from Cheboksary, Russia, has an identical twin brother and the pair have been all but inseparable for the past 31 years.

Playing as “Tigranbliz” on PokerStars (that’s just Tigran, by the way, not his brother too) Huzadjan won the Mega Path satellite in late December, heading into the New Year knowing he would be travelling to Barcelona for the PSPC. He is a poker and backgammon enthusiast, who started playing the game about eight years ago and now plays recreationally with friends.

He is most proud of his business achievements, stating that he has always built everything up from scratch. In the world of poker he most admires Phil Hellmuth and Tom Dwan, two players who similarly built themselves up to be world beaters from otherwise modest starts.