175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Rubén Cabrerizo


Road to PSPC - Valencia

Rubén Cabrerizo, left, and Ricardo de la Rosa

There was a lot of precious metal on display at the end of the Road to PSPC Valencia tournament in March when the final three of the event featured Spanish players Ramon Colillas, Ricardo de la Rosa and Rubén Cabrerizo. In case you need reminding, Colillas won a Platinum Pass to the first PSPC and ended up winning $5.1 million; De la Rosa had already won a Platinum Pass to the second PSPC in a freeroll in Valencia; and there was another Platinum Pass up for grabs for the winner of the Valencia Main Event. When Colillas was knocked out in third, both De La Rosa and Cabrerizo knew they would both be going to Barcelona, whatever happened.

As it turned out, De La Rosa won the heads-up battle and was named tournament champion, but the Platinum Pass went to the runner-up. That’s how Cabrerizo, a 26-year-old professional poker player from Alicante, Spain, booked his passage to the biggest European tournament of the summer.

It was nothing more than he deserved. Cabrerizo also qualified for the Valencia event on PokerStars, where his screen-name is “zippi225”. He was the chip-leader at the end of the first day and still led when they reached the final day. It was a brilliant trip to Valencia as he also won an iPhone 11 during a freeroll tournament in the dinner break. He’ll hope that kind of run good stands him in good stead in Barcelona in August, when he’ll play the biggest event of his career.