175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Ricardo de la Rosa


Road to PSPC - Valencia

If the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) allowed re-entries, we would have our first double buy-in already. Ricardo de la Rosa, a 38-year-old professional player from Valencia, won a Platinum Pass in the Crazy Pineapple Shootout at the Road to PSPC event in his home town in March 2020. A day later, he won the main event at the same festival, which also awarded him a Platinum Pass. His surfeit was especially good news for Ruben Cabrerizo, who finished as runner up in the tournament. No one requires more than one Platinum Pass, so Cabrerizo got the extra one instead.

Ricardo de la Rosa, left, and Ruben Cabrerizo both won Platinum Passes

De La Rosa didn’t do anything by half that weekend in Valencia. He actually won the Crazy Pineapple shootout with a royal flush — unbeatable at any time, but especially welcome in these circumstances. De La Rosa is best known in poker circles as a coach on Educapoker, but it’ll be a remarkable coup if he manages to figure out how to coach his students in that kind of run-good.

De La Rosa plays on PokerStars as “elLuanvi” and was also 40 percent through the Platinum Grind in a bid to get himself a seat at the PSPC. He was able to ditch that process after winning in Valencia and allowed himself some time off before focusing on honing his tournament game before heading to Barcelona.