175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Patrick Winterbottom

United Kingdom

Lex Live Streamers Showdown

Patrick Winterbottom is a maths teacher from Maidenhead, Berkshire, in the United Kingdom, but for one afternoon in early October 2019, he was a six-max sit & go wizard. Winterbottom was one of six players who qualified for the “Streamers Showdown” at Lex Live at Aspers Casino, London, and managed to prevail from the single-table tournament to earn a Platinum Pass to the PSPC. “Overall I thought I played well,” Winterbottom said. “I picked my spots. I did some things I’d never done before. It all worked pretty well.”

Winterbottom is a recreational player, who finds his work often precludes him from playing as much poker as he’d like, but he’s an avid consumer of poker podcasts and live streams to keep up to speed with what’s going on. He found out about the so-called Streamer Showdown – a tournament in which PokerStars’ streaming ambassadors went head-to-head in a special tournament – and bet on Ben “Spraggy” Spragg to win. After Spraggy closed it out, it earned Winterbottom a ticket to an online tournament from which six people could qualify for a trip to London and a winner-takes-all stab at a Platinum Pass. Winterbottom did well online and then, after receiving some coaching, took his seat at Aspers. He then battled through that.

He says that the PSPC will be by far the biggest tournament he has ever played, and plans to do as much homework in the coming few months as he sets his students. “I need to take stock of how I’m going to prepare in the best way possible,” he said.