175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Heiko Warnke


Chase Your Dream Germany

EPT Prague in December 2019 provided Heiko Warnke with his first taste of PokerStars live events. He had only previously played other small tournaments, with occasional success. But the trip to the Czech Republic will last long in the memory: Warnke played the final of PokerStars Germany’s “Chase Your Dream” promotion. Not only that, he was the last man standing and won a Platinum Pass to the PokerStars Players NL Hold’en Championship (PSPC) 2020.

“The last one and a half months I have thought of this event every day,” Warnke said. “I watched videos, read a lot of poker content, gave my best and now I‘m very pleased that everything worked out. I have never played a tournament like the PSPC and if I were alone now I would probably cry.”


The promotion was hosted through Felix Schneiders’ Twitch stream and invited players to enter an online freeroll from which the last six would go to Prague and play a winner-takes-all single-table tournament, streamed live on Twitch. Warnke eventually beat Dilip Tandon heads up, with A♥K♦ beating Tandon’s A♦Q♣, and earning the Platinum Pass.

Warnke is a 30-year-old gardener and certified fitness coach from Berlin, Germany, where he lives with his wife and child. He first learned poker in around 2008 and started playing home-games as he was training for his work. A former colleague then introduced him to online poker. He continues to play only recreationally, including at PokerStars where his handle is “heiko_war”. Even after winning the Platinum Pass, he still describes his family as his proudest achievement, but now says he will study hard to make a success of his trip to Barcelona.

“First of all I want to thank PokerStars and Felix Schneiders for the opportunity,” Warnke said. “I was really excited before the final started and now I’m even more exited, because there is a much bigger tournament coming up with the PSPC in Barcelona.

“My current game is certainly not enough to achieve something in Barcelona, so I will look for someone who will give me private coaching and try to play a few live tournaments before then.”

Felix Schneiders gives Heiko Warnke his Platinum Pass