175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Drew Gonzalez

United States

Road to PSPC - Run It Up Reno

John “Drew” Gonzalez had won plenty online before. In fact, according to Pocket Fives, he’d won well over 200 tournaments and more than $1 million altogether. But he’d never won a live tournament. Not once.

That changed on October 16, 2019 when Gonzalez topped a 428-entry field to win the Moneymaker’s Road to the PSPC event at Run It Up Reno IX to earn a trip to the 2020 PokerStars Player No-Limit Hold’em Championshp in Barcelona.

A Twitch streamer and member of Bill Perkins’ Team Thirst Lounge, Gonzalez had plenty of supporters cheering him to victory in Reno and via the online broadcast. Indeed, after his victory his thoughts immediately were directed toward the community of players he’s helped nurture.

“It feels really cool to be able to represent all the Twitch fam and people who’ve always supported me on this journey,” he said. “This is for the crew!”

Drew (and crew)

The 35-year-old presently lives in California, though has plans soon to move to Canada where he’ll be living with Arlie Shaban and John Pardy while streaming and playing on PokerStars.

Gonzalez first started player poker in college. In fact, his Moneymaker’s Road to  the PSPC win created a kind of symmetry for him, since it was after watching Chris win the 2003 WSOP Main Event that he and his buddies first started playing.

“At first I thought it was stupid,” he laughs. “But I eventually found out the strategic side of the game and I was very intrigued.”

He remained a self-described “recreational player” until 2010 at which point he quit his full-time job to play full-time. “Here we are nine years later still luckboxin’ tournies,” he grins.

You might have heard as well about a prop bet Gonzalez made with Perkins involving him trying to hit 100 straight free throws within a 24-hour period. That challenge took place in late October, not long after Gonzalez won his Platinum Pass.

Did he do it? You can take a look below and see for yourself: