175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Danielle Summer



It’s been 15 years since Danielle Summer first moved from her native Yorkshire, England, to Tenerife, Spain. The relationship that took her there ended shortly after she arrived, but she made the most out of the situation and carved out a life for herself on the island.

Danielle discovered poker shortly after her move and the game has been a constant in her life ever since. She has played online for 12 years and she says her dream is to become a professional poker player.

So far her live poker experience has been limited to local casinos, cruise ships, and her favorite, home games with friends. That reins in the 38-year-old’s ability to use what she says is her greatest strength — reading other people.

“I’m super spiritual, super happy-go-lucky,” she said in her entry video for the PokerStars Chase Your Dream contest. “I can feel people’s feelings. You can hide your expressions, but you can’t hide the vibes you’re giving.”

Making that video won Danielle the chance to play in Barcelona for €10,000 — not bad at all for someone whose previous biggest win was $250. Now that she’s been awarded a Platinum Pass, she has an opportunity to put her skills to the test for a lot more than that.

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