175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Christophe Melckmans


Dare to Dream Sign Up Offer Freeroll

“I’m so happy you have no idea!”

That was the response of Christophe Melckmans to the news that he had won a Platinum Pass to the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC) in the Dare to Dream Sign Up Offer Freeroll on PokerStars. It’s no surprise he was so delighted. Melckmans is now freerolling all the way to Barcelona and the chance to play one of the biggest tournaments in the world. “With a little luck, this could change my life,” he said.

Melckmans is 45-years-old and comes from Le Vigen, in France. He said he first remembers seeing poker on a TV show about 10 years ago and quickly became interested in the psychological aspects of the game. He mostly plays with friends, but spent a couple of years visiting a poker club in Limoges and has played a handful of bigger live tournaments. The Platinum Pass win was the biggest result of his career, however, and he has high hopes for the big event in the summer.

“My kids are my biggest achievement, of course,” he said. “But now I can add the Platinum Pass to the list.”