175 Platinum Passes awarded

175 Platinum Passes awarded

Alexandr Lavrenchik


Mega Path

Alexandr Lavrenchik won his entry into the 2020 PokerStars Players Championship in Barcelona via the Mega Path promotion

The 34-year-old Russian living in Ukraine first started watching poker on television back in 2007, and soon after began playing in home games with friends. A couple of years later he began playing online, and will occasionally play live tournaments as well in local clubs when not working his full-time job in IT.

Prior to winning his Platinum Pass package, Lavrenchik enjoyed previous success at the virtual felt, including a $15K win once on PokerStars. When asked about his greatest achievement, however, Lavrenchik’s reply indicates his aspirations perhaps to do something special in Barcelona.

“In future,” he says.

Aleksandr Lavrenchik

The future’s so bright, Alexandr Lavrenchik has gotta wear shades