Phil Hellmuth vs. Phil Hellmuth: The Poker Brat meets his match

July 02, 2021inPoker

One common mistake poker players of all levels often make is to assume our opponents play the same way we do.

We know players have a variety of styles. Bad players play badly in a number of different ways, and good players employ many different winning strategies as well.

It’s one of the beauties of the game, really, that poker allows for so many different approaches which when combined can produce what seems an endless number of outcomes.

Sometimes, however, it is hard not to expect our opponents to play the way we do. That sort of thinking can get us into trouble, especially when our opponents are in fact thinking differently.

This week the PokerStars video team came up with an experiment of sorts, a kind of ultimate Spider-Man meme version of a poker player encountering an opponent who plays — and talks and acts — a lot like he does.

It’s Phil Hellmuth versus Phil Hellmuth, in what turns out to be an epic hand in which the 15-time WSOP bracelet winner and Poker Hall of Famer literally meets his match. Take a look:


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