PCA 2015: Don’t go to the beach with Tito Ortiz

January 10, 2015

Listen, maybe you’re a masochist. Maybe you’re one of those people who likes waking up sore, going to bed sore, and living all the time in between wishing for a quick death with every breath. If you are, by all means, accept UFC legend Tito Ortiz’s offer to go to the beach with him.

8G2A1602_PCA2015_Tito_Ortiz_Neil Stoddart.jpg

See, Tito might like a good swim, but what he does on the beach, nay, what he did on the beach this morning, is positively not for the weak of sprit. Hell, it’s not for the weak of anything.

If you’re more the “sleep until 10am and lounge in your underclothes while dripping egg yolk on your stomach” type of person (I might be projecting again), here’s what it looked like this morning when Ortiz took a bunch of PCA visitors out to the beach with him.

NEIL9663_PCA2015_Tito_Ortiz_Neil Stoddart.jpg
NEIL9716_PCA2015_Liv_Boeree_Tito_Ortiz_Neil Stoddart.jpg
NEIL9629_PCA2015_Liv_Boeree_Tito_Ortiz_Neil Stoddart.jpg
NEIL9588_PCA2015_Tito_Ortiz_Neil Stoddart.jpg

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