PCA 2015: Cracking aces, a great way to start the day

January 11, 2015

“If I get pocket aces on the first hand of a major tournament, I’m not gonna go crazy and build a big stack off that, or go broke with that, unless I flop a complete monster”.

Wise words indeed, from Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, speaking at this morning’s ‘Breakfast With the Pros’ Q&A session. But those players remaining in the Main Event today aren’t playing their first hand of the tourney, they’re playing the first level of Day 3. And as Jared Jaffee found out to his cost, going broke with pocket aces is a very real danger.

Just minutes into today’s play, with blinds at 1200/2400 and antes of 300, LAPT Bahamas runner-up Martin Finger opened from middle position to 4800. The action folded to Jaffee, a New Yorker who won his first WSOP bracelet last summer, who shoved for around 30,000. Sweden’s Andreas Samuelsson then four-bet from the small blind, putting Finger all-in for the rest of his stack. After a short trip to the tank, Finger called and the three players turned over their cards.

Martin Finger: 10♠10♥
Jared Jaffee: A♠A♥
Andreas Samuelsson: K♠K♥

A flop of Q♦4♥3♦ brought no help for the two hands trailing Jaffee’s pocket rockets, and nor did the 2♣ on the turn. But the K♣ on the river locked up a big pot for Samuelsson, and sent both Finger and Jaffee to the rail.

Andreas Samuelsson PCA 2015.jpg

Andreas Samuelsson

No doubt the hand would have played out a little differently had it occurred in the first level of Day 1, rather than Day 3. Another point of difference between the two days is that by the time this one’s over, 119 players will have made at least $17,800: a nice little money maker.

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Adam Hampton is a copywriter for PokerStars


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