PCA 2015: A stroll around the high roller event, pivot, turn.

January 14, 2015

There is a large space between the High Roller feature table and the outer table. It must be 60 feet between them, nothing but carpet, and right now it’s owned by Scott Seiver.

Seiver finds it hard to sit still when he plays poker. He demonstrated this well enough last night when, as most player showed signs of fatigue, Seiver strode between tables keeping an eye on action elsewhere. He does the same today walking, hands slightly behind his hips, his front protruding, in a kind of catwalk sashay. Then he peers over the shoulders of his opponents, pivots, turns, one-two-one-two, pivot, turn, and he’s back in his seat before you know it. His posture is great.

Tournament Area_pca2015_hrd3.jpg

The outer table, with the feature table in the distance

Seiver talks a lot to Bryn Kenney, who in terms of temperament are very similar. Kenney is perhaps not as hyper-active, but he laughs a lot. And why not? Both he and Seiver reached the final table of the Super High Roller, and are now on the brink of a second final of the festival.

Back at Seiver’s table Dominik Nitsche has staked his claim to high roller status. He keeps a banana by his chips which, given the price of fruit in Atlantis, is the Bahamian equivalent of keeping a brick of bank notes on the table.

Opposite him sits Faraz Jaka whose room mate Kevin Schulz does the same in the Main Event. The two friends, who met at the University of Illinois, are each in line for a potential seven figure payday today and permission, finally, to open their mini-bar.

So after the frenetic ending to play last night, they pace has settled somewhat with a slow start. The 11 players who returned today play on.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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