PCA 2015: A Round with a table of death in the High Roller

January 13, 2015

Vicente Delgado is seizing control of this $25,000 High Roller event, which is no mean feat when you look at the table he’s at. He has Shaun Deeb, Scott Seiver and Jonathan Karamalikis for company, and not long ago Jason Mercier was also there.

But as PokerStars Blog swooped on the table for “A Round With…”, our patented forensic examination of one round of tournament play, Delgado was ending the hopes of his fellow Red Spade. The man from Spain, via Team Online, dispatched the American Team PokerStars Pro in a pot for the chip lead. It was an explosive start to an orbit, which we examined in its entirety.

This orbit took place towards the end of Level 14, with blinds at 2,000-4,000 (500 ante). When we first arrived at the table, Delgado had just sent Georgios Sotiropoulos to the rail and was busy stacking about 485,000 chips. He very quickly accumulated even more.

Here’s how they lined up at the very start of the round:

Seat 1 – Jonathan Karamalikis, 345,000
Seat 2 – Jason Mercier, 240,000
Seat 3 – empty
Seat 4 – empty
Seat 5 – Scott Seiver, 330,000
Seat 6 – Shaun Deeb, 110,000
Seat 7 – Vicente Delgado, 485,000
Seat 8 – John Krpan, 145,000

In the course of the first hand described below, seats three and four were filled by Adrian Mateos Diaz (120,000) and Davidi Kitai (402,000) bringing the combined pedigree of this table to higher than the average national dog show. They didn’t get cards in the first hand, which was played six-handed. They were dealt in after that though.


The table in the spotlight

Hand one – Button with Shaun Deeb
Jason Mercier opened to 8,000 from early position and it was folded round to Vicente Delgado in the small blind. He cut out a raise to 28,000. It was round about this time that Kitai and Mateos Diaz arrived, and Scott Seiver was very interested to learn more about a hand he had heard about that Kitai had played.

“I heard you called with nine high!” Seiver said.
“Eight high,” Kitai corrected him. Kitai then opened his iPad to Twitter and showed Seiver details of the hand. “That’s still good, but it’s not best ever,” Seiver said, adjusting the level of excitement. “I think I would have made that call.”

With the wind taken from Kitai’s sails, we were back to examining the hand in play. Mercier now found a four bet, making it 59,000 to go, and Delgado called.

The flop came 2♠5♠K♦ and Delgado checked. Mercier bet 38,000, which gave Delgado pause for thought. But he soon broke out of his contemplation to move all in, covering Mercier.

Mercier’s anguish was plain to see, as were the calculations he began making in his head. He was clearly counting through a few options, but ended up calling and was probably happy with what he saw. Delgado tabled J♠10♠, which was behind Mercier’s J♣J♦ at this stage.


Jason Mercier: Anguished

However, the turn and river came 3♣ and then 3♠ and Delgado’s flush meant Mercier had to leave.


Jason Mercier: Out

Hand two – Button with Vicente Delgado
Delgado began stacking up a huge mountain of chips, more than 700,000 of them. He then also started photographing them and adding the picture to Instagram, alongside the hashtag #OneTime.

Nobody noticed many details of the next hand, and there actually weren’t many. Scott Seiver min-raised and everybody folded.


Scott Seiver, focused, and Shaun Deeb, not

Hand three – Button with John Krpan
John Krpan, sitting in the eight seat, is not particularly well known on the poker circuit, but it certainly prepared to show he’s happy to mix it up with the balla boys. He’s had a massage therapist working on his back through almost all of the day today. He was on the button for the third hand, which Scott Seiver opened to 10,000 and it was folded around to Adrian Mateos Diaz in the big blind.

Diaz, who had only recently come to the table, defended his blind by way of a three bet to 21,000. Seiver asked to see Diaz’s stack, then called. The flop came 6♣9♦3♥.


Time to ponder, with Adrian Mateos Diaz

Diaz bet 22,000, but Seiver didn’t wait too long before announcing that he was all in, covering Diaz. The World Series Europe champion dwelled for a while, and even Krpan’s massage therapist seemed frozen in suspended animation as he pondered whether to call for his tournament. He folded.

Diaz then went to his smartphone and saw Delgado’s recent photograph, in which he can be seen in the distance over Delgado’s mighty stack. It was a rub-down via social media, which is doubly cruel.


Vicente Delgado with the social media rub down

Hand four – Button with Jonathan Karamalikis
Scott Seiver opened to what looked like 12,000 from under the gun. Karamalikis called on the button and Seiver said, “Now I wish I’d made it 20,000.” Kitai called from the big blind, and Seiver added, “Of course!”

The flop came 2♠10♣7♣ and Kitai and Seiver checked. Karamalikis bet 20,300 and both opponents folded. “He’s way too good,” Seiver said.

Hand five: Button with Adrian Mateos Diaz
Action folded all the way round to Scott Seiver in the big blind. He got a walk.

Hand six: Button with Davidi Kitai
Again the action folded all the way round to Scott Seiver, and this time he limped from the small blind. Shaun Deeb checked his option in the big, and they saw a flop of 5♥6♥3♣.

Seiver led 5,700, but Deeb was going nowhere and called. The turn was 8♠ and Seiver bet 15,000. A new dealer arrived, and seemed to punch the man presently filling that role in the back, announcing his presence in a rough-and-tumble fashion. Deeb called.

The river was the J♥ and both players quickly checked. Seiver rolled over Q♠8♦ and Deeb mucked his cards with a certain despair. Then he headed back to his phone to do whatever Deeb does with his phone.

Hand seven: Button with Scott Seiver
Jonathan Karamalikis opened to 8,000 from early position and Kitai was the only caller, in the cut off. The flop came 10♠Q♣Q♥ and Karamalikis bet 12,000. Kitai called. Both players quickly checked the 8♦ turn, which took them to a 3♥ river. Karamalikis bet 31,000.

Kitai took his sunglasses off and peered disgustedly at Karamalikis. It was as if it was 6 a.m. in a dingy bar in Le Marais, Paris, and Karamalikis had just drunk the last drop of pastis without offering it around. Karamalikis kept his arms cradling his chip stack, entirely silent. Kitai folded.

Hand eight: Button with Shaun Deeb
The final hand of the orbit was among the least interesting. It was folded to Delgado in the small blind. He opened to 10,200 and Krpan folded.

And so the short version of this lengthy post is as follows: Vicente Delgado is doing very well indeed.


Vicente Delgado: Stacking

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