PCA 2014: Sarah Grant bloopers

January 13, 2014

Earlier today, Sarah Grant was interviewing me as we kicked off the final day of the 2014 PCA. Because Grant is a woman of some stature and chooses to wear heels high enough to let a four-year-old work the pedals on an automobile, she kicked them off. It keeps me from feeling diminutive.

As we went through our chat, Brynn Kenney and a friend wandered toward the final table and tripped right over Grant’s giant heels. I was honestly concerned for the boys’ safety. It was one of those moments that should’ve been on video. Alas, the camera was pointed at my ugly mug.

NEIL8025__PCA2014_Brad_Willis_Sarah_Grant_Neil Stoddart.jpg

This kind of thing happens more often than you might think, despite the nimble-tongued Sarah Grant being involved.

Here are some of Grant’s not so nimble moments over the past ten days.


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