PCA 2013: Satelliting to glory

January 06, 2013

Each day before the dual Day 1 starting days a $1,000 super satellite to the Main Event plays out. Some of the field look like they’ve strolled in from the main body of Atlantis, holiday-goers decked out in baseball caps and mismatching t-shirts looking to take a punt at the big game, while plenty more are circuit regulars looking to jump into the main for 10% of the price.

Don’t think this is poor man’s poker though. If you’re in the know then you might be aware that this is the path to glory. Both John Dibella, last year’s winner, and Harrison Gimbel, who won the PCA 2010 Main Event for $2,200,000, booked their berths in the Main Event through this Super Satellite. In fact, Gimbel is trying the same again today.


Harrison Gimbel looking to get in cheap again

Forty players remain in the satellite with 25 seats up for grabs (with change for the 26th place finisher); Gimbel is among them, as is Will Failla, Scotty Nyugen and Heath Herring. Somewhat bizarrely Gimbel is sat next Failla who himself is talking to none other than last year’s winner Dibella. What are the chances?


John Dibella railing Will Failla

Herring, a former UFC fighter who played the event last year, said, looking down at his so-so stack, “I’m not in it to win it. I just need to be in it.”

True enough. Just a few more bust outs to go.

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