PCA 2013: Liv Boeree rumors and why you may not be very smart

November 16, 2012

There are rumors, and I’m not going to be the one to confirm, deny, or spread them. But there are rumors. Indeed, I have actual video evidence of the lovely Liv Boeree speaking about her hijinks at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. In said video, she admits…well, I just can’t say.

“It’s harmless fun,” Boeree said. “We were all reasonably well-behaved.”

That, friends, I can assure is not true. And if you listen to the unreleased video a little more you will hear…

“Let’s just say, one night, there was some after hours–”

That’s the point at which reasonable handler would’ve cut off the video and cut straight to the end where Boeree regains her senses and simply says, “No comment.”

I don’t bring it up as a tease, because heaven knows I like to deliver the goods. But, one, I probably shouldn’t have this video to begin with, and two, Boeree scares me enough that I don’t want to cross her.


Would you do anything to make this woman angry? I wouldn’t

No, I bring it all up to say this: you, unnamed faceless PokerStars player, may not be very smart.

Take no offense. There are a lot of not very smart people out there, apparently, because the $10 PCA qualifiers that guarantee ten seats to the PCA each week are coming in with gigantic overlays every week. It’s ridiculous. Truly ridiculous. Last week, there was something like $30,000 in extra money in the prize pool.

And you didn’t show up for it.

Oh, some of you might have, but based on how many people read this versus how many people are showing up for the $10 qualifiers, I know most of you didn’t play. And frankly–and I’m just talking here–that sounds pretty un-smart to me.

Ten bucks. Seriously. It’s a light lunch. It’s a couple of beers. It’s….it’s ten freaking dollars!

Alright. I’m sorry. You probably had other things to do. I get it. You didn’t want a chance at a $16,000 prize package. You didn’t want to play for millions of dollars, massive celebrity, and a chance to see Boeree in the wild. I’m sure whatever you were doing Sunday afternoon was worth passing that up.

But here’s the thing, friends…if you don’t think it’s a good deal to spend $10 for a chance to see Boeree (self-proclaimed Chief Troublemaker of Team PokerStars Pro) in action at the PCA, I’m not sure we’re going to be communicating on the same level.

So, here’s your chance. There are a few more weeks of these things. You still have a chance to make it happen. You can still go to the Bahamas with us and try to see what the Wild Boeree does in her natural habitat. And then, this time next year, when she inadvisably tells stories on video, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

For now, go sign up. The $10 qualifiers start at at 13:00 ET every Sunday. What’s more you can win your $10 entry for as little as ten cents in satellites running all the time. You can find the qualifiers listed in the PokerStars lobby under ‘Events’ > ‘PCA’ > ‘All’ tabs.

Do I have to say anymore? Do I? Because I can’t (without fear of having to face Liv in the Bahamas). It’s up to you now, people. Go be smart.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging


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