PCA 2013: Ippei Nishiyama takes the trophy among a three-way chop in event #35

January 14, 2013

Ippei Nishiyama has capped off a fantastic birthday week here at the PCA. Yesterday Nishiyama turned 19 having been one of the most valued players in the World Cup of Poker representing Japan.

He’s topped that by winning the trophy and $24,970 in event #35: $1,100 NLHE six-handed. The 19-year-old, who has been playing for about six months online, was taken under the wing of the Japanese captain, PokerStars Team Online’s Naoya “nkeyno” Kihara, who was impressed with him as a young player, providing regular updates.

There was some confusion over who had actually won the tournament, what with Evan Parkes taking the largest slice of cheese in the payouts, but titles go with trophies and Nishiyama ended up being the player in front of the chip stack when play ended.

PCA 2013 event #35
Date: 13 January
Buy-in: $1,100
Game: NLHE six-handed
Players: 36
Prize pool: $119,310


Ippei Nishiyama

1. Ippei Nishiyama, Japan, $24,970
2. Evan Parkes, Canada, $25,550
3. Gilbert Diaz, France, $22,890
4. Patrick Evrard, France, $9,540
5. Jed Derkaoui, Canada, $7,760
6. Jose Roberto Farah, Brazil, $5,960
7. Alexander Gambino, USA, $4,780
8. Richard Wagner, Canada, $3,580
9. Cenk Oguz, Belgium, $2,620
10. Clifford Goldkind, USA, $2,620
11. Aaron Massey, USA, $2,380
12. Ran Azor, Israel, $2,380
13. Mihails Morozovs, Latvia, $2,140
14. Dietrich Fast, Germany, $2,140

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