PCA 2013: Awaiting fate on Day 2 of the main event

January 09, 2013

There was a telling scene outside the tournament room this morning. A crowd of players had gathered around the giant screens mounted on the wall showing a rotating list of the seat draw for today. Each player, none of whom I recognised, was staring intently at the screen with almost religious zeal, waiting for their name to appear and subsequently reveal their fate.

As one man left the throng, another arrived, until all had seen enough had taken seats in the ballroom, where the riffle of chips eased any earlier concerns. Better to know who your up against than to pace the hallways speculating.


The tournament room at Atlantis

Day 2 is usually a tough day, particular for players who, like some in the crowd this morning, are experiencing a big tournament for the first time (pros assume someone will tell them where to sit when they show up). Reaching this far is itself an accomplishment. The nine levels yesterday were not exactly a breeze. But the reality is that Day 2 promises nothing, no glory and certainly no money. That’s all still a long way off.

Instead they’ll be six levels of 75 minutes as the 500 remaining players slog on towards the money, which we expect will be reached tomorrow.

You can follow that entire journey on our live coverage page, while features of relevance and irreverence will appear on the blog throughout the day.

Sarah Grant introduces the day…

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