PCA 2012: The business end of the high roller event

January 13, 2012


If anyone thought he high roller event would be anything like the main – whereby all those short stacks feel nothing but gay relief and move all-in with reckless abandon — they were wrong.

For the high rollers there’s some comfort in a return for their money, but the real reason they put down $25,000 in the first place was to win the $1,134,930 first prize, and that’s what’s now coming into play.

As one observer noticed, the balancing with 16 left left most of the chips on one table.
Nick Yunis, Jonathan Duhamel and Jason Koon share the bulk of the chips on table one, leaving the short stacks to fight between themselves on table two.


Jonathan Duhamel

It’s from here that Elio Fox would depart in 16th place. Had he had a getaway car parked outside the tournament room he wouldn’t have been able to get away fast enough. Then again he couldn’t even do that, called back as he was to provide ID for the pay-out staff.

Fox opened in late position against Terje Augdal in the big blind. On a flop of 6♥2♣9♠ Augdal led for 20,000 which Fox then raised to 42,000. Augdal called for a 4♠ turn card, and then led again for 65,000. Fox tanked, then shoved for 174,000. Augdal called, turning over 7♦5♣ to Fox’s J♥8♣.

Fox’s jack high call was poised to reach hero status, but he’d have to dodge threes, fives, sevens and eights. The 3♦ on the river sent a shockwave through Fox who leapt from his seat and attempted his disappearing act. Heroes are successful, but then again even near-misses can have their merits.

Next to double-up was Dutchman Govert Metaal, railed by Fatima Moreira de Meolo, who 12 months ago finished fifth in this same event. While that kept him going the likes of Leonid Bilokur (who played this event and the World Cup of Poker at the same time last year) and Matt Marafioti, are among the players making regular checks of the clock.


Leonid Bilokur

Isaac Haxton was doing the same but he just shoved against Bill Perkins, who declined the option to call. A much needed boost for Haxton.


Isaac Haxton

Perkins has been getting a massage since the start of play, meaning he’s been under the thumb for six and a half hours now. That’s about the same time it takes a massage therapist to turn a chair into minced meat.

We’re approaching the one hour dinner break. 15 players remain.


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