PCA 2012: The astonishing rise of Randy Lew

January 13, 2012


Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew began Day 2 of the High Roller with just 25,600 chips; smallest in the room and good for only ten big blinds. Now, as you may know, Lew is something of a poker machine, capable of multi-tabling 24 tables online, while recent live result such as his November APPT Macau victory confirm he’s got a great live game.

So if I told you Lew had already improved on his starting stack in the first hour of today’s play, you may not be entirely surprised. But what if I told you he had increased his stack ten times over in the first hour? Surprised? Me, too. But that’s exactly what the Team PokerStars Online star has done.

Lew now sits with more than 230,000 after a series of dramatic double ups. Furthermore, once he had enough chips to play with, he has been able to start making his mark in more traditional fashion, raising his way to winning pots without showdown.


Lew: No wonder he’s smiling

First off, here’s how the double ups went. If you like run-good, then you’ll like this:

1 Lew gets it in with A-10 against Chris McClung’s K-Q to double up to 50,000

2 Facing a 9-9 shove, Lew re-shoved with Q-J. The flop is Q-9-8 all hearts, but the turn is a blank and the river a ten to make him a straight. That shot him up to 100,000

3 And another double. On this one, Bill Perkins raised on the button, Joe Cada flatted from the small blind with 9-9 and Lew re-raised with pocket aces. Perkins got out of the way, but Cada shoved. Easy call and a double to 200,000!

Now with chips to play with, Lew was going on the attack. There was an early raise to 5,000, which was called by Mike McDonald before Bill Perkins made it 19,000. It was folded to Lew who raised again, this time to 43,400. It was folded back to Perkins, a man who is fond of a call, but this time he let it go.

With all that in a breathless first hour, Lew has shot up from 25,600 baby to 230,000 daddy. Watch this space.


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